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  • Agent Eva [Blu-ray] DVD 2020

Agent Eva [Blu-ray]

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Title: Ava

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective

Year: 2020

Country: USA

Studio: Freckle Films, Voltage Pictures

Length: 01:36:49

Pretranslator: Dubbed, professional polyphonic

Audio: Russian (AC3, 6 channels, 384 Kbps), (AC3, 6 channels, 448 Kbps), English (DTS-HD MA, 6 channels, 3753 Kbps)

Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 6582 kbps, 1920x800

Subtitles: Russian, English

IMDB: 5.3

Director: Tate Taylor

Actors: Jessica Chastain, Common, John Malkovich, Colin Farrell, Gina Davis, Diana Silvers, Ioan Griffith, Joan Chen, Jess Weixler, Janelle Feigly

Type: Blu-ray

Availability: In S
She is smart, beautiful and extremely dangerous. Moving around the world like a shadow, an agent named Eva alone performs the most difficult tasks of her leadership. Suddenly, when the next special operation does not go according to plan, and Eve decides to leave the game, one of the influential bosses of the secret service starts hunting for her.

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Agent Eva [Blu-ray] DVD 2020

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