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  • Otilor - Hearing Recovery Concentrate

Otilor - Hearing Recovery Concentrate


Soluble powder is easy to use and does not cause side reactions, unlike similar ones.

It repairs damaged tissues at the cellular level and builds neural connections with the brain.

The fact that the concentrate has high efficiency is justified by the advantages.

Low cost with high efficiency even in severe cases.

Laboratory tested and WHO approved as a natural product.

Has certificates of quality and good reviews on the Internet.

Does not cause allergies and side effects. Well suited for the treatment, cleansing and prevention of diseases of the ear canal.

The powder is formulated from natural products that act on the underlying causes of hearing loss.

The new formula adapts to the needs of each organism and will help to completely eliminate the need to wear a hearing aid.

What is he doing?

Otilor will restore the ability to hear well, despite the fact that it is to blame for the loss of the function of this sense organ. Even if this is a congenital pathology, the remedy will help improve the functioning of the organs of perception of sounds and increase local immunity.

How the concentrate will help:

Will restore 100% hearing, strengthen the eardrum and bones.

Warn and eliminate sulfur plugs.

Restores the function of the bones in the middle ear.

Clears sulfur plugs, preventing their re-accumulation.

This new development has brought back the ability to hear for more than 10 thousand people.

The product is certified and passed quality control.

How Otilor works:

Improves blood flow to organs, thereby improving their work.

Purifies sulfur, protects against infections and bacteria that cause pain.

Relieves discomfort - congestion, squeak, noise, rustling in the ears.


Contains natural products that prevent deafness without allergies or side effects. Effectiveness based on its herbal formula and tested with volunteers.

What was included in the composition:

Maltodextrin lowers cholesterol, helps to quickly absorb vitamins that affect the clarity of perception. Supports blood sugar levels.

Extracts of herbs (penny root, leuzea root, oregano, linden flowers, knotweed herb, chamomile flowers, tansy flowers, meadowsweet, volodushka, string herb, yarrow herb, chokeberry fruits, sea buckthorn fruits, lemon balm, saber root, coltsfoot elecampane root, viburnum fruits, rowan berries, hawthorn fruits, ivan tea, juniper, licorice root, motherwort, corn silk, wintergreen, immortelle) relieve inflammation and swelling, pain and discomfort - migraine, squeak, tinnitus, and congestion.

B vitamins (B1, B3 (PP), B5, B6, B12) improve blood flow in the middle and inner ear, increase hearing acuity and increase immunity to infections.

Vitamin C works to restore the elements of the auricle, strengthens the bones, as well as the eardrum.

Acidity regulator (citric acid), flavor, sweetener.

For the treatment and prevention of deafness, take a course of treatment with Otilor. Within 2 weeks you will be able to pick up even quiet sounds very clearly. The product is approved and recommended by leading doctors.

Instructions for use

Taking Otilor is easy at home and does not require a visit to the doctor.

Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 100 ml of water (half a glass) at room temperature.

Stir until completely dissolved.

Drink once a day.

Do not use in the evening.


Basic Attributes

Country of origin Brazil

Package quantity 7 (pcs.)

Weight 5.0 (g)

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Otilor - Hearing Recovery Concentrate

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