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Bait properties

According to the feedback from the fishermen, Double Fish just works wonders. After waiting some time after adding the catch activator to the water, which is necessary for the distribution of substances in the aquatic environment, you get a catch that is several times higher than what you received before. And this is in the same place!

Most often, the following properties of the activator for fishing Double Fish are noted:

has great efficiency in all types of reservoirs;

it is possible to use the bait both in summer and winter;

holds well on silicone and foam lures;

exacerbates the feeling of hunger even when the fish is not hungry;

stimulates fish to act in search of food;

acts on the central nervous system, exacerbating the formation of a feeling of hunger in the brain;

promotes the influx of fish, even from considerable distances;

forms an acute sensation of hunger in the fish, which leads to literal "throwing" the fish onto food;

How the Double Fish bait works

The action of the Double Fish bait is based on special compounds - pheromones, which have a very strong biological activity at the physiological level. In fact, they are secretory products released into the external environment to ensure interaction in the population by chemical means.

The Double Fish attractant just needs to be added to the pond. The chemical compounds that make up its composition will spread in the aquatic environment, forcing the fish to swim to the place of their greatest concentration. The bite activator Double Fish acts on the nerve centers of the fish, facilitating their grouping and concentration in one specific (necessary for you) place of the reservoir.

How does the composition of the bait work?

In addition to synthesized pheromones, Double Fish contains trace elements and amino acids for processing the bait. The attracted fish, under the influence of the instinct of hunger, pounces on the bait enriched with "tasty" substances. As a result, this leads to a significant increase in catch, even in places where the catch was previously very small. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of fishermen who have repeatedly used this bite activator (you can read them on the Internet). They also note that the price of Double Fish bait, in comparison with the catch, is practically insignificant.

Double Fish Bait works as follows:

lures fish to a specific section of the reservoir, even from a long distance;

awakens unbridled hunger even in not hungry fish;

makes the fish look for a food source at the physiological level;

exacerbates the course of processes in the nervous system in the center, which is responsible for the formation of hunger;

promotes active eating of the proposed feed;

the Double Fish bait can be used both in summer and in winter;

it is effective in all types of water bodies;

increases the efficiency of the catch at times.

How to apply?

The bait can simply be added to the water.

Alternatively, mix Double Fish with the bait you normally use and add to the pond as well.

In order to additionally attract the fish and awaken a "brutal" appetite in it, after adding the bait to the water, additionally process the bait: dissolve 5 grams of the mixture in half a liter of water and dip the bait into it.

You can also use live bait, having previously held it in the solution.

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Bait (15 g) + Bait (15 g) for fish Double Fish (Double Fish) | Fishing goods, Fish feed, Double Fish bait, Bait

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Tags: Bait (15 g) + Bait (15 g) for fish Double Fish (Double Fish) | Fishing goods, Fish feed, Double Fish bait, Bait

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