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Country of origin Hungary

Groundbait Type

Volume 5 sachets - 6 gram sachets

Dry Blood Dry Blooder is the only bite activator developed by leading European ichthyologists. Their valuable advice on instinct and fish breeds helped create a powerful formula capable of delivering a truly epic catch. The components of the activator which work in combination, enhancing the effect of each other.

Description of Dry Blooder

The principle of action of the bite activator DRY BLOODER is based on a combination of albumin and synthesized pheromones. These components provoke an exacerbation of the physiological instincts of the fish - they cause an uncontrollable feeling of severe hunger and make it move to a specific biting point.

Albumin is dry blood. A substance obtained from dry animal blood. 95% pure protein, which is the fastest-absorbing food source. It is known that fish are far from gourmets, and instincts make them choose the simplest and most effective food to eat.

Synthesized pheromones. They cause the fish to feel uncontrollable hunger, and the fish does not rush to the first food it finds, but begins to move to the point at which the pheromone got into the water. At this point, she begins to rush to any bait, which will provide you with a high catch.

Dry Blooder Properties

The Dry Blooder bite activator causes the fish to feel uncontrollable hunger and makes it move to the point at which the pheromone entered the water. After reaching it, the fish begins to rush to any bait - you just have to catch it.

Aromatic components of blood plasma are effective components of the bait. Its main difference from many different analogues is that the "smell" very quickly spreads over a truly huge territory and the fish simply cannot ignore the signal "it is served".

Dry blood DRY BLOODER is available in the form of a powder, which can be simply added to the groundbait and mixed well. In winter fishing, you can apply the Dry Blooder activator directly to the bait so that after it is dipped into the hole, a taste stain is formed.

Dry Blooder Benefits

the activator is great for both winter and summer fishing;

the composition includes albumin and concentrated pheromones;

dry blood is equally effective when fishing in a lake and river;

the fish will not be able to resist, even if it is already fed and far from the bait.

it works equally well on both peaceful fish and predatory fish.

Dry Blooder dry blood is most effective for baiting such fish as: carp, crucian carp, tench, roach, and also works well on predators - catfish, pike, perch, ruff, zander and chub

Mode of application

For peaceful inhabitants of the reservoir: mix the finished top dressing, in the amount of 1 kg, with the activator - 1 sachet. Another way is to dissolve Dry Blood in water;

For predators: apply the preparation to all lures, both artificial and natural;

When fishing with live bait: dissolve 2 packets of activator in half a liter of water and moisten the bait in front of the bait.


1 package contains 5 sachets, 6 grams each.

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Blooder Dry - bite activator with pheromones / dry blood (Blooder Dry), bait for fishing

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