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  • Dynamite Effect - Bite Activator with pheromones (Dynamite Effect), the most powerful bait for fishing


The main

Type Bite activator

additional characteristics

Packaging Waterproof

Type Liquid

The volume is 5 sachets of 5 ml.

Dynamite Effect - fish catching activator

Many advanced fishermen use auxiliary preparations - activators for a successful bite. Dynamite Effect is one of the most powerful bite activators in the world. The name of the drug speaks for itself. Go fishing with only dynamite and don't forget to take care of the free space in the trunk for a rich catch. This facility has created an unrealistic explosion in the fishing world. Shoals of fish lose their sense of self-preservation and want to taste your particular bait.

The unique formula of the product at the physiological level affects the instincts of fish, guarantees an active bite regardless of time and water. Modern technologies are involved in scientific development.

In 2015, the FishingBay LTD laboratory developed a special bio-substance that affects the fish brain. It strongly stimulates the instincts of feeding, herding and self-preservation. At a distance of several kilometers, fish catch scanty traces of components dissolved in water. Fish at long distances begin to gather in schools in order to find the source of the spreading substance - the bite activator. Cats have a similar reaction to valerian. The fish is "stunned" by three uncontrollable instincts: a sharp increase in appetite, dulling fear and herd feeling.

Bite activator composition Dynamite Effect

The action of the components that make up the composition is aimed at attracting fish at a great distance. The composition contains pheromones synthesized in laboratory conditions, as well as essential oils of anise and garlic. They enhance the action of pheromones and spread them over a vast territory. The composition also includes nutritional supplements that attract absolutely any type of marine and freshwater fish.

The product consists of five metallized bags, 50 * 70 mm in size, each of them contains 5 ml of activator. They are packaged in a branded waterproof PE packaging. The metallized sealed bag allows you to preserve the properties of the drug in its original form. The product is produced in liquid form. One package for 5-20 times of use. The activator is deservedly recognized as the most powerful stimulant of the catch in the whole world.


The product is in demand among professional fishermen, in fish farms, as well as among biologists who control the behavior of fish. The activator works in any body of water, it can be a river, lake, ocean, sea, salt or fresh water reservoir. Effective for any type of fish: river, sea, predatory or peaceful, at any time of the day: in the evening, early morning, afternoon or night, at any time of the year: in spring, winter, autumn or summer.

The action of the drug is based on pheromones. These are biologically active substances that living organisms release into the environment, they specifically affect behavior, emotional and physiological state, as well as metabolic processes. The developed substance acts similarly to the natural pheromone, causes an unmotivated increase in the appetite of fish and the need to gather in a herd.

Bite activator Dynamite Effect instructions for use

For ordinary fish, mix the contents of the package with standard groundbait (homemade, multicomponent or purchased) in the following proportion: for 2-2.5 kg of bait, 1 sachet (5 ml) of activator is needed.

For predatory fish, natural or artificial baits are treated with an activator, after which they fish in a standard mode.

It is allowed to use the product directly with live bait. To do this, dissolve the bag-ampoule in any water and lower the bait there for 1-2 seconds, after which it can be put on the hook. Detailed instructions are on the packaging of the drug.

To achieve the maximum effect, you should not just pour the drug into water, it must be added to the bait. Within 30 minutes, the effect of using the product appears. The drug does not harm the fish or the environment, it just stimulates their appetite.

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Dynamite Effect - Bite Activator with pheromones (Dynamite Effect), the most powerful bait for fishing

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