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  • Fish Drive - Bite activator with pheramons Fish Drive, (bait for fishing)


Country of origin USA

Type bite activator

Package Quantity 10

Benefits and features

Fish Drive is a relatively new product that has conquered the European market in a short time. Initially, a pheromone-based tool was created by representatives of the Environmental Research Center for their own purposes. This successful invention was then commercialized.

Scope of Fish Drive:

Stimulation of local fish migration;

Fattening of predators;

Sports fishing.

In comparison with similar baits, Fish Drive has a number of advantages:

Safe for the environment;

Contains natural ingredients;

Convenient to use;

Has no side effects.

Instructions for use

If you are going to hunt predatory fish, spray all baits with a solution - both natural and artificial. For convenience, you can lower wobblers, spinners, silicone baits into a container with an activator.

If your goal is to catch as many peaceful fish as possible, prepare the groundbait and add the contents of one sachet of activator to the tank, after dissolving it in water.

If you are using live bait, simply dissolve the contents of one sachet of bait in water, submerge the bait in the solution and put it on the hook.

One pack contains 10 sachets. Each portion is designed for 1-1.5 kg of groundbait. An unopened product can be stored for 2 years. After mixing with water and bait, the product will work for 3-4 hours. This is enough for a successful fishing trip.

Results of use

According to the assurances of the manufacturer and the reviews of the fishermen, using the Fish Drive bite activator, the following results can be achieved:

Increase in bite at different times of the year by 3-8 times;

The catch is made up of large fish.

No need for expensive tackle and baits. You don't have to plant a worm farm on the balcony or cook porridge;

Fishing pleasure and satisfaction.

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Fish Drive - Bite activator with pheramons Fish Drive, (bait for fishing)

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