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Specifications Vinga VPS-1200Pl ATX 1200W

Main characteristics

ATX form factor

ATX 12V Form Factor Specification Version 2.3

Output power 1200 W

PFC module active

Efficiency from 92%

Modular cable connection

Maximum load

+ 3.3V 20 A

+ 5V 20 A

+ 12V (1) 98 A

-12V 0.3 A

+ 5Vsb 3 A

Power characteristics

Voltage 110/230 V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Output connectors

Motherboard power supply 20 + 4 pin

CPU power 4 + 4 pin (2 pcs.)

PATA (Molex) 4 pcs.

SATA 12pcs

FDD (Floppy) 1 pc.

Power supply for video cards 8 x 6 + 2 pin


Cooling type cooler

Number of fans 1 pc.

Fan diameter 120 mm


Protection technologies OCP (overcurrent protection on each channel), SCP (short circuit protection), OVP (overvoltage protection)

physical characteristics

Width 152 mm

Height 86 mm

Depth 190 mm

Packaging type Retail

Description Vinga ATX 1200W (VPS-1200Pl)

High-quality power supply

The Vinga power supply is a high-quality power supply designed to supply electrical energy to computer nodes. Its task is to convert the mains voltage to the specified values, stabilize them and protect against minor interference of the supply voltage. The main parameter of any computer power supply is the maximum power delivered to the load. The design of the power supply unit is designed in such a way that the chance of overheating is minimized. Inside the metal casing there is a solid fan, which is able to provide adequate cooling. Also, this power supply unit has such an important characteristic as a low noise level during operation.

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Vinga VPS-1200Pl ATX 1200W

  • $215.75

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