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Description ARTLINE Gaming X65 System unit (X65v11)

Key part of any computer – the processor. And the game computer – also the productive video card. The new architecture Zen improved by CPU and graphic technologies of Pascal video chip will allow to reach absolutely other level of computer calculations and 3D - processings. You receive not just the computer. You find the reliable and correct assistant for many years, professional assembly and high-quality maintenance directly from vendor.

At selection completing for Gaming X65v11 configuration the company of ARTLINE is regarded by an optimum ratio of the price and opportunities of each component as of paramount importance.

the Installed six-nuclear Ryzen™ 5 2600 AMD processor is constructed by

on 12-nanometer technological process of FinFET, has excellent performance and successfully competes with the competitor's chips in the same "weight" category. Thanks to the multiple signature technologies of training and adaptation (AMD SenseMI) included in the code of processors these CPU can adapt "intellectually" to the existing loading of time at present. It allows:

to Regulate
  • (to raise or reduce) performance in real time (Precision Boost and Precision Boost 2 technology).
  • to Control energy consumption and, respectively, temperature (Pure Power technology), reducing heat load by a cooling system cooler.
  • it is effective to li to distribute resources, depending on the used applications (Neural Net Prediction and Smart Prefetch technology).

of ARTLINE Gaming X65v11 is offered to users by one of the budgetary solutions best for today – the graphic Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Ti card with 4GB video memories based on the most technically advanced architecture by Pascal . Thanks to new technical process, this chip possesses small energy consumption, sufficient performance and will become a great choice of the economical gamer.

From other components should note the ASUS PRIME A320M-K motherboard . Even this budgetary solution uses in the basis high-quality elements (5X of Protection III) and stylish LED design and support of the latest type of system memory of DDR4. The innovations implemented in this motherboard, are focused on achievement of the maximum reliability and durability of a product that guarantees long and smooth operation of the computer in general.

Personal computer of ARTLINE Gaming X65v11 will open for you new opportunities in a research of the fascinating world of virtual reality. There are no barriers to implementation of your creative ideas in creation and processing of digital content now.

of Characteristic ARTLINE Gaming X65 System unit (X65v11)

Article: span do not have of X65v11 of
  • of cooling Type air
  • of Processor (model) of AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • of Processor (clock speed - turbo), GHz 3.4 - 3.9
  • of Video card (discrete) of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • of Video card (memory size) of 4 GB
  • of Random access memory (volume) of 8 GB
  • of Built-in drive (volume), GB 1000 (HDD)
  • of Preset OS of DOS
  • of computer Type system unit
  • of Class Game
  • of a Series of Artline Gaming
  • of Form factor of Midi-Tower
  • of cooling Type air
  • of Country vendor Ukraine
  • of Guarantee, month 38
  • of Processor (model) of AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • of Processor (clock speed - turbo), GHz 3.4 - 3.9
  • of Processor (quantity of kernels/flows) of 6 kernels / 12 flows
  • of Cooling system of BOX
  • of a motherboard Chipset AMD A320
  • of Video card (type) Discrete (game)
  • of Video card (discrete) of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • of Video card (memory size) of 4 GB
  • of VR Support
  • of Random access memory (type) DDR4 - 2666 MHz
  • of Random access memory (volume) of 8 GB
  • of Built-in drive (type) of HDD
  • of Built-in drive (volume), GB 1000 (HDD)
  • of Built-in drive (it is fast. about. shp. span do not have HDD) 7200 RPM
  • of Optical drive device without disk drive
  • of Preset OS of DOS
  • of Audiocontroller of Realtek ALC887
  • of Network connection (LAN RJ-45), piece 1 x RJ-45
  • of Network connection (LAN RJ-45), Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • of Wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi)
  • of Wireless interfaces (Bluetooth) there is no
  • of Type-A/Type-B/mini USB/micro USB USB 2.0 Port (up to 480Mbps) 4 x USB 2.0 Type-A
  • of Gen 1 Type-A/Type-B/micro USB USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 Port (up to 5Gbps) 5 x USB 3.0/3.1 of Gen 1 Type-A
  • of Gen 2 Type-A/Type-B/Type-CTM USB 3.1/3.2 Port (up to 10Gbps) there is no
  • of USB 3 Port.span do not have 1 Type-C/Thunderbolt 3
  • of Thunderbolt Port there is no
  • of HDMI (mini/micro) Port 1 x HDMI
  • of DisplayPort (mini/micro) Port 1 x DisplayPort
  • of Port DVI 1 of x Dual-link DVI-D
  • of PS/2 Port, piece 2
  • of Port (audio ports) 3 x of programmable mini-jack 3.5 mm, an input for the microphone / a linear input of mini-jack 3.5 mm, an output for earphones / a linear output of mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • of Card reader there is no
  • of Power supply of 500 W
  • of Colour (main) Black
  • of case Material of Plasticity, steel
  • of Weight 10
  • of General width of a product (W), mm 192
  • of Total length of a product (L), mm 420
  • of General height of a product (H), mm 450
  • of Complete set (cart-ny of change in different deliveries) disks with drivers, Documentation, the Power cable

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ARTLINE Gaming X65 system unit (X65v11)

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