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Description Maternal payment of ASUS 8xGPU Mining (PRIME_H270-PLUS)

Innovative ATX payment for the LGA 1151 Intel platform with LED illumination, support of memory of DDR4 2400 MHz and the drives Intel Optane, two connectors M.2, HDMI, SATA 6 ports of Gbps and USB 3.0.

of ASUS Prime is the following evolution of motherboards of ASUS which nice history began in far 1989. Our team of engineers of a world class constantly works on informing of advantages really personifitsirovanny and flexible setup of a computer system to each user. Our sincere desire to make easily available enhanced features on system management for achievement still of the best performance, stability and compatibility became the driving force of creation of motherboards of the Prime series. Prime time has come.

Intel® H270 Chipset

of Intel® H270 is the latest chipset optimized for work with the Intel® processors of the Core™ i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium®/Celeron® series of the seventh and sixth generations installed in the LGA1151 connector. It differs in high stability, performance and throughput. Intel® H270 offers up to eight ports USB 3.0, six ports SATA of 6 Gbps, port M.2 (32 Gbps) and the PCIe 3.0 interface and also allows to use the graphic kernel which is built in modern Intel processors.

(LGA1151 connector)

Motherboards of ASUS of the Prime 200 series support by

For the Intel processors Core i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium/Celeron of the seventh and sixth generations the Intel processors Core™ i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium®/Celeron® of the seventh and sixth generations in the LGA1151 case. Feature of these processors are the built-in controllers of memory and the buses PCI Express ensuring functioning of two-channel memory of DDR4 (4 DIMM) and 16 PCI Express 3.0/2.0 lines and also the powerful integrated graphic kernel.

of Reliability and broad compatibility

the Quality checked by time

of ASUS is the world leader in production of motherboards, famous for the creative approaches to the solution of engineering tasks. Motherboards of ASUS are created on the basis of high-quality components and pass the exhaustive testings exceeding industry standards in volumes. Ready payments are checked for compatibility with more than 1000 components and devices and also are subjected to comprehensive tests within not less than 8000 hours. Therefore you can be sure that payments of ASUS will steadily work in any conditions and with any programs. Selecting ASUS, you also receive freedom in the choice of the best components which will faultlessly work with your motherboard.

In motherboards of ASUS of the Prime 200 series implemented a complex of technologies 5X Protection III which guarantees use of the best components and circuit solutions and also compliance to modern standards for ensuring unsurpassed reliability and long term of service of a system. Trust in ASUS, vendor of motherboards No. 1 in the world!

of SafeSlot Core
the Strengthened PCIe slot

of SafeSlot Core is the design of slots of PCIe developed by ASUS which is noted by the improved durability and provides the strengthened video card clip.
Motherboards of ASUS Prime have the strengthened soldering points around contacts of PCIe and DIMM connectors.

of LANGuard
For stable work of a computer network

Use of modern technologies and condensers of a premium class allowed to increase the throughput of the network interface. At the same time, protective chains are applied to protection of chains of LAN against overvoltage caused by static electricity.

of Zashchitaot of an overload
the Thought-over power system

In the power system of this motherboard use the stabilizers providing protection against differences of tension which can arise when using not of best quality power supplies.

the DIGI+ Power conditioner
Stable power

Branded module of power management ASUS DIGI+ allows to achieve the maximum stability and effective operation of the computer.

Overcurrent protection
Prevention of short circuits

For congestion avoidance on current and short circuits on the motherboard use the built-in safety locks. They protect all components of the device, since peripheral connectors and finishing with memory slots.

the Back panel from stainless steel

the Increased resistance to corrosion

Back panel of motherboards of ASUS is manufactured by

of the stainless steel covered with a thin layer of oxide of chrome which has anticorrosive properties. Thanks to it she can brag of long service life.

ESD Guards Safety locks
Static protection

For protection against an electrostatic discharge of ASUS uses the special protective scheme capable to maintain a discharge to 10 kV through air and up to 6 kV at contact.

the Guaranteed compatibility
More than 1000 components: processors, the DDR4 memory modules, video cards, etc.

Within the program of certification the specialists check a set of components for compatibility with motherboards of ASUS that allows to select a configuration of future computer flexibly.

Broad compatibility


about joint models of devices and memory modules

Confirmation of broad compatibility of motherboards of ASUS of the Prime 200 series is the lists of unit-to-unit compatibility and memory modules impressing on volume with these motherboards. Any user has an opportunity in advance to check compatibility of unit-to-unit which he plans to use in the computer.

the Maximum reliability

Motherboards of ASUS – highly reliable products. Their reliability is provided with careful tests, including over 8000 thousand hours of testing. Among such tests – temperature tests, testing of compatibility and software, reliability test. Motherboards of ASUS show reliability level which exceeds industrial standards.

  1. of Climatic tests. Confirm operability of a product in extreme conditions.
  2. Cooling. Lack of overheating and stable work at any level of loading.
  3. Testing of interfaces. Reliability of each port and the connector is checked by a series of tests.
  4. wear Test. Check of stability within 48 hours.
  5. Test of energy consumption. Check of compliance to the international standards.
  6. Temperature and supply voltage. the Motherboard is capable to cope with the fluctuations of tension caused by temperature change.
  7. Test for thermal shock. Resistance to temperature changes during transportation.
  8. of Test for mechanical blow. Payments are created to bear blows to which they can undergo during transportation.
  9. Forced-failure test. Each component is checked to ensure excellent job in any conditions.
  10. Install test. Check of arrangement of connectors for ease of installation of components.
  11. Drop test. Drop tests from different height guarantee durability.
  12. Test in salt fog. Tests of connectors for reliability, wear and resistance of corrosion.

of High performance

DDR4 Support

DDR4 – new type of system memory which works at high frequency (up to 2400 MHz). Specialists of ASUS work in close contact with vendors of the DDR4 modules to provide the maximum compatibility of components.

Support of RAIDs on the basis of the drives M.2/NVMe PCIe

to increase works of a user memory to unprecedented values, it is possible to integrate pair of solid-state drives with the PCIe interface in RAID0 array.

Effective cooling

of Fan Xpert 2+
the Flexible control of fans

of Fan Xpert 2+ is an intellectual management system of fans which will help to achieve effective cooling of the computer at the noise floor.

Managed mode fans: adjustment of fans on the basis of automatic detection of their parameters.

of Game opportunities

Bright style
LED illumination of the slot of PCIe

Make design of your computer unforgettable by means of original lighting effects.

the Game sound
the High-quality built-in audiosubsystem

due to use of high-quality components and the thought-over design the audiosubsystem of a payment can brag of excellent quality of sounding.
Noise reduction. Provides high-quality division of an analog and digital part for decrease in level of mutual noises.
For improvement of quality of an audiosignal the left and right channels are located on different layers of the printed circuit board.
Tonal quality. Condensers of the known Japanese vendors promote the highest tonal quality.

of Energy saving

Energy efficient design
the EPU Controller

Special power processor from ASUS allows to reduce energy consumption of a system to 12 W *! It automatically determines extent of loading of a system and optimizes its energy consumption. If it is necessary to ensure continuous functioning of background programs in the absence of the user, then it is enough to switch the computer to the special mode with the lowered energy consumption in which it is powered off not used controllers of peripheral devices and energy consumption of video cards decreases.

of Modern high-speed interfaces

the Intel Optane Support

Motherboards of ASUS of the Prime 200 series support a non-volatile memory of new generation * by Intel® Optane™. Use of the Intel Optane modules allows to reach significant speeding up of operation of the PC, including reduction of time for starting loading of a system and start of programs.
* Is supported by Intel® processors of the seventh generation. Requires installations of drivers and the BIOS update.

of Support of interface M.2 (up to 32 Gbps)

Using four PCI Express 3.0/2.0 lines, interface M.2 provides data transmission rate to 32 Gbps. It is ideal for connection of modern solid-state drives.

USB 3.0 Ports on the front panel

With this model the user receives four ports USB 3.0 on the front panel of the system unit at once. Each of them will provide in a little big throughput in comparison with USB 2.0!

of For computer enthusiasts

Safe installation
Minimal risk of physical damages

For minimization of risk of damages or short circuits in installation process of the motherboard in the computer case around its fixing openings created "safe areas" in which there are no components.

of Q-Slot
of the Latch of expansion slots

Convenient latch of the graphic slot allows to install and remove any video card without problems.

Convenient latches of slots of memory

Slots of memory are equipped with convenient one-sided latches. Thanks to them to install and remove memory modules will not make the slightest work!

of Uniform control center

the UEFI BIOS Interface

Unlike the traditional BIOS ASUS UEFI BIOS systems possesses the graphic interface with a mouse support. It has the modes for beginners and enthusiasts.

the EZ Flash 3 Function

Convenient utility for update of a firmware online and directly from the BIOS interface.

of of S.M.A.R.T

Estimate a condition of disk storage modules by means of data of S.M.A.R.T — the built-in system of self-checking, the analysis and the reporting.

the Master of EZ Tuning

Will help to optimize quickly parameters of a system and to create the RAID.

of Chosen

Quickly add settings and tools to the Favorites list.

EZ Mode Mode

  1. Convenient setup of fans. Flexible control of cooling system fans.
  2. of EZ XMP: Quickly use the XMP profiles for memory acceleration.
  3. Information on SATA. Displays data on SATA ports and the devices connected to them.
  4. Setup of time. It is easy to set time and date by means of only one mouse.

Advanced Mode

  1. Last modifications. Trace the history of all changes in settings and save profiles on the USB drive.
  2. Renaming of SATA ports: Change the name of SATA ports for acceleration of search of the necessary device.

of Characteristic Maternal payment of ASUS 8xGPU Mining (PRIME_H270-PLUS)

Article: span do not have of PRIME_H270-PLUS of
  • of Form factor of ATX
  • of Mining (MAX number of cards from a perekh-ma) 8
  • of Processor (socket type) of Intel Socket 1151
  • of Model of the built-in processor
  • of Random access memory of DDR4 (quantity of slots), piece 4
  • of Random access memory of DDR3 (quantity of slots), piece there is no
  • of Random access memory of DDR2 (quantity of slots), piece there is no
  • of Chipset of Intel H270
  • of Network connection (LAN RJ-45), Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • of Wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi) there Is no
  • of Model of the built-in video card is integrated into the processor
  • of Assignment for mining, for the desktop computer
  • of Form factor of ATX
  • of Mining (MAX number of cards from a perekh-ma) 8
  • of Processor (socket type) of Intel Socket 1151
  • of Processor (quantity of socket) 1
  • of Model of the built-in processor is not present
  • of Random access memory of DDR4 (quantity of slots), piece 4
  • of Random access memory of DDR3 (quantity of slots), piece there is no
  • of Random access memory of DDR2 (quantity of slots), piece there is no
  • of Random access memory (number of channels) of the 2nd channel
  • of Random access memory (ECC support) there is no
  • of Chipset of Intel H270
  • of PCI Express Slot (PCI-E x16 (x16)), piece 2 of x PCI-E x16 (x16) of v3.x
  • of PCI Express Slot (PCI-E x16 (x8)), piece there is no
  • of PCI Express Slot (PCI-E x16 (x4)), piece 1 of x PCI-E x16 (x4) of v3.x
  • of Slot of PCI Express (PCI-E x8), piece there is no
  • of Slot of PCI Express (PCI-E x4), piece there is no
  • of Slot of PCI Express (PCI-E x1), piece 4 of x PCI-E x1 v3.x
  • of Slot of PCI, piece is not present
  • of AGP Slot is not present
  • of Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.1 Port Is not present
  • of Gen 2 Type-A/Type-B/Type-CTM USB 3.1/3.2 Port (up to 10Gbps) there is no
  • of Gen 1 Type-A/Type-B/micro USB USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 Port (up to 5Gbps) 2 x USB 3.0/3.1 of Gen 1 Type-A (on a payment, for a frontal output), 4 x USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 Type-A
  • of Type-A/Type-B/mini USB/micro USB USB 2.0 Port (up to 480Mbps) 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A, 2 x USB 2.span do not have 0 Type-A (on a payment, for a frontal output)
  • of VGA (D-Sub) Port 1 x VGA
  • of Port DVI, piece 1 x DVI-D
  • of HDMI (mini/micro) Port 1 of x HDMI v1.4b
  • of Thunderbolt Port
  • of DisplayPort (mini/micro) Port there Is no
  • of PS/2 Port, piece 2
  • of COM (RS-232) Port 1 (on a payment, for a frontal output)
  • of Port (IEEE 1394) is not present
  • of LPT Port (IEEE 1284), piece there is no
  • of Connector of the TPM module, piece 1 (on a payment)
  • of Number of SATA3 ports (6gbit/c), to piece 6
  • of Number of SATA2 ports (3gbit/c), span do not have piece
  • of Number of SATA Express ports (to 10gbit/c), span do not have piece
  • of Slot of dimm.2, piece there is no
  • of of Mini PCI Express (Mini PCI-E, Socket 3), piece 2 x M.2 (Key M)
  • of Support of program RAID of RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5
  • of eSATA Port is not present
  • of Quantity of eSATA, piece there is no
  • of Number of IDE ports there is no
  • of Slot for FDD there is no
  • of Network connection (LAN RJ-45), Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • of Network connection (quantity of LAN RJ-45), Mbps 1
  • of LAN controller Model of Realtek RTL8111H
  • of Wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi) there Is no
  • of Fastening for antenna Wi-Fi is not present
  • of Wireless interfaces (Bluetooth/NFC) is not present
  • of Built-in sound processor of Realtek ALC887
  • of Multichannel sound 8
  • of Will corrode 3.5 mm (mini-Jack), piece 3
  • of Optical output (S/PDIF) is
  • of Support of several video cards of AMD CrossFireX
  • of Built-in video is integrated into the processor
  • of Model of the built-in video card is integrated into the processor
  • of of BIOS of AMI UEFI
  • of of the Control button of Clear CMOS (jumper)
  • of Cooling of the south bridge passive (radiator)
  • of General height of a product (H), mm 305
  • of General width of a product (W), mm 224
  • of Illumination Is
  • of Colour Black
  • of Main power connector 24+8 - pin
  • of Number of power connectors of coolers (total with CPU Fan), piece 4
  • of Number of power connectors of coolers (CPU Fan), piece 1
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Maternal payment of ASUS 8xGPU Mining (PRIME_H270-PLUS)

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