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Description Sony MHC-V72D Speaker system



a hot party

Enjoy a rhythm of favourite tracks thanks to technology of the OMNIDIRECTIONAL SOUND and basses of distant audibility and also the dynamic illumination pulsing in a clock period to music.

Omnidirectional sound for grandiose parties

Fill birthdays, special holidays and spontaneous parties with live and powerful sounding. The OMNIDIRECTIONAL SOUND and basses heard at considerable distance thanks to JET BASS BOOSTER technology allow to enjoy powerful music at your party in any corner.

Oblique high-frequency loudspeaker

to fill space with club sounding, use oblique high-frequency loudspeakers which provide broader dispersion of a sound.

the Back high-frequency loudspeaker

Back high-frequency loudspeaker directs

a powerful and accurate sound to people who are behind the speaker system that all guests of a party could enjoy music where they were.

Generator of a wide sound

When is played by the excellent song, it should hear in each corner. The open case without back wall allows a sound to extend from loudspeakers without noises therefore music it will be accurately heard at any angle.


Thanks to the narrowed structure of the fazoinvertorny canal basses can be heard and felt accurately as on a dance floor, and at a great distance from loudspeakers.

Enjoy live sounding

by means of DSP technology the realistic sound completely will fill space and will create the atmosphere of the real musical festival or live concert.

Improvement of quality of digital music

Technology of improvement of a digital audio (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, DSEE) increases quality of compressed audiofiles thanks to what they sound almost also, as well as source recording on a compact disk.

Powerful and bright illumination for a party

Light with

each corner of a party whatever large-scale it was, by means of omnidirectional red, blue and green club lighting effects and illumination of loudspeakers to recreate the atmosphere of night club or a musical festival.

Omnidirectional club illumination

Watch with

this video to learn how omnidirectional club illumination works.

Disclose the musical talent

Thanks to existence of two microphone inputs nobody will stand aside, and you with friends will be able to execute favourite compositions together. And to add a little rock'n'roll, connect a guitar to one of inputs and use a system as the amplifier. Select any of three modes: pure sounding (Clean), distortion of a guitar sound (Overdrive) or mode of a bass guitar (Bass).

Manage music one movement of a hand

Switch tracks, include a flanzher or effect "very wow", increase microphone volume for a karaoke, configure tonality of the microphone and music and also manage volume by means of a vertical or horizontal wave of a hand. Management of gestures allows to control the MHC-V72D system, without distracting from a party.


in a music rhythm in the Taiko mode

Compete with friends in the rhythm game Taiko Game and learn at whom the ear for music is better, or play one of percussion instruments in the Taiko mode.

the TAIKO Mode

by means of samplers you can play

on any drums, including a bongo, a djembe, surdo and the Japanese Taiko reel, just concerning a top panel in due time.

TAIKO Mode and rating

Have the feeling of a rhythm with the TAIKO Game mode: concern a top panel when on it sparks light up, and compete with guests for the appreciation. The top ten of players will be able to save the names in the table of champions.

Voice actuation with Fiestable

Switch by

tracks, include and change illumination by means of voice commands. Just select function of voice actuation in the Fiestable application and say the necessary team of 39 available to turn on the music, illumination or the mode of a karaoke.

Management of club illumination through Fiestable

When you include club illumination in the Fiestable application on the smartphone, on its display the same lighting effects with flashes and color transitions, as on a sound system will begin to be displayed.


king of parties

Share on social networks the status about the party only one clicking of the button in the Fiestable application. Raise the status with each noisy party to become the recognized king of parties.

Manage the party course, without interrupting dance

In the application Sony | Music Center it is possible to control music playback and audio settings directly from phone. Besides, the Fiestable application allows to control color of illumination, to include DJ-effects and the mode of a karaoke. Thanks to intuitive function of management of gestures all this can be done by movements of a brush easily.

Better sound of favourite movies and transfers

Connect MHC-V72D to the TV and be submerged in new sounding of favourite movies, telecasts and sports broadcastings.

HDMI Output

Thanks to an output of HDMI (ARC) a system can be connected easily to the TV, and you will be able to watch telecasts or movies with DVD on the normal screen about incredibly powerful a sound from MHC-V72D.

the Built-in DVD player

y will make by

each scene even more effectively and will transfer you directly to a thick of events. Turn the living room into movie theater and arrange film viewings in a big way.

Pump over a party with additional the EXPERT

Possibility of connection to 50 compatible home audio systems on Bluetooth® provides more powerful sounding. You can also synchronize music with illumination.

Stream broadcasting by means of NFC and Bluetooth technology

With the NFC One-touch function can establish instantly connection on Bluetooth® and to begin stream transfer.

Qualitative stream audio on Bluetooth with LDAC

Listen to music without wires in unsurpassed quality: the LDAC codec allows to transfer approximately three times more data (at a max. speed of 990 Kbps) in comparison with the standard Bluetooth protocol.

Connection of several devices

can connect

To the MHC-V72D system at the same time to three smartphones with the help of Bluetooth® technology. So you will be able to listen to audio recordings not only from the device, but also from audio libraries of your friends.

the Durable control panel with protection against splashes

MHC-V72D Top panel is protected by

from bryzg3 therefore the spilled cocktail to it is not terrible: it is rather simple to wipe liquid. Also there is a Party Lock button allowing to block all other buttons for 30 seconds that it was possible to clean a system.

Handle and wheels for convenience of transportation

When to you is required to move with

MHC-V72D system, just undertake the convenient handle and incline the device back — to what to drag the equipment if it is possible to roll it on wheels?

of Characteristic Sony MHC-V72D Speaker system

Article: of MHCV72D.RU1 of
  • of Type Speaker system
  • of Functionality of ClearAudio+, FIESTA, Party chain
  • of Wire connections of AUX, HDMI, USB, an input for the microphone
  • of Wireless connections of Bluetooth, NFC
  • of Type Speaker system
  • of Number of channels 2.1
  • of Functionality of ClearAudio+, FIESTA, Party chain
  • of Equalizer Is
  • of Supported formats MP3, MPEG4, Xvid
  • of Support of media of CD, the CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, VCD
  • of of the Karaoke Is
  • of FM tuner is
  • of Number of the preset stations 20
  • of RDS Support is
  • of Wire connections of AUX, HDMI, USB, an input for the microphone
  • of Wireless connections of Bluetooth, NFC
  • of Display there Is no
  • of Power From network
  • of Colour Black
  • of Dimensions of the main unit 370х93х42.7
  • of Weight of the main unit, kg 21.6
  • of Complete set FM antenna, Documentation, Du's panel
  • of Guarantee, month
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Sony MHC-V72D speaker system

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