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  • Inderma complex from psoriasis cream + drops (Inderma)

Inderma - a complex for psoriasis - cream + drops Inderma, treatment of psoriasis, drugs for psoriasis, psoriasis treatment

Drug properties

Inderma has the ability to activate the bodys own forces to eliminate psoriasis. Acting comprehensively, the drug:

In a short time heals the affected skin;

Removes toxins and harmful substances from the body;

Soothes itching and relieves peeling;

Relieves pain in psoriasis;

Acts on the cause of the disease;

Normalizes the process of renewal of skin cells.

According to the manufacturer, the effect of the drug is directed directly to the causes of the disease. Although, according to scientists, psoriasis occurs for unknown reasons and the etiology of the disease to date, no one voiced. Some argue that psoriasis is hereditary, others that arise due to the instability of the nervous system, under stress and depressive states. What does Inderma act on? Unlike drugs, Inderma makes the immune system work, which on its own begins to fight pathology.


Inderma consists of natural ingredients, including:

celandine grass

calam root

elecampane root

elderberry color

St. Johns wort

corn silk,


a series of grass

lingonberry leaf,


propylene glycol.


The drug, according to the manufacturer, effectively and quickly copes with psoriasis. The main action is the activation of ones own protective processes in the human body.

In addition, the drug:

It has a natural composition;

Not addictive;

It acts comprehensively;

It stimulates the immune system;

It has a double effect right away.

Mode of application

Inderma is very simple to use.


6-8 drops per reception, can be added to juices, compotes, herbal cocktails, warm tea (below 60 gr. C) 2-3 times a day.


Apply with light massaging movements on the affected surface of the skin.

With seborrhea and psoriasis of the scalp, the cream is rubbed daily or every other day (no more often, to avoid overdrying the skin).


Children under 12 years old. Not recommended for: epilepsy, asphyxiation, angina pectoris, pregnancy. Overdosing can cause poisoning and vomiting.

Cream volume: 50 ml.

Drop volume: 30 ml.

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Inderma complex from psoriasis cream + drops (Inderma)

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