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Description Game console SONY PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb (Horizon Zero Dawn + Detroit + The Last of Us + PSPlus 3M) (9926009)

of PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb

of PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb – the advanced thin video game console with an impressive stock of a fixed memory (1 Tb) and high rates of performance.

Possesses compact dimensions therefore it can be used even in the conditions of a lack of a free space on a desktop.

of Advantage of model

  • Minimum weight and small size. Thickness of the Slim-versions case is reduced approximately by 30% in comparison with normal PS4. At the same time prefix weight unpacked is less for the whole 16%.
  • the Possibility of a joint geyming with friends. The Share Play function allows to invite friends for a game in a command.
  • Remote broadcast of data. It is possible reproduce games from a prefix on the screen of the computer or Mac on a wireless network.
  • Possibility of carrying out stream and broadcastings.
  • Instant distribution of screenshots and videos on social networks.

Stylish design

Thin and elegant case executed in color "anthracitic black" – what is necessary for judges of stylish and modern minimalist details.

Lack of excess details and the compact sizes allow to use the console even in the conditions of limitation of a free space.

Magnificent HDR graphics

Thin console is ideal for

for playback of games with a high dynamic range. The most exacting games with qualitative graphics as if "come to life" thanks to PS4 SLim in a tandem with any modern TV supporting HDR.

For all family

Console can be used at once by several members of one family as its functionality allows:

  1. to create safe family accounts with function of parent control of content;
  2. to select games depending on age of users thanks to the simple and clear manual from vendor.
Simple and clear control

Control of the thin video game console is exercised of

by means of the legendary game DUALSHOCK 4 manipulator with the bright light panel and advanced functionality.

Social prefix

  1. of Share Play – function which allows to communicate with friends and also to share with them own games (to provide permission to a game instead of you);
  2. Remote playback. It is possible to play games on PS and without use of the TV. For this purpose function of wireless broadcasting on the PC or Mac screen is useful.
Functionality of the console allows


  1. Conduct live broadcasts of the adventures for the whole world in Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion.
  2. you Share screenshots and videos of your most impressive moments in games on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Create parties, communicate with friends and join game communities to find new players.

User wall-paper

Screen of the video game console easily can be decorated practically with any photo or the picture. The possibility of use of free signature wall-paper and the backgrounds created with own hand is available to owners of PS.

Regular software updatings to

New opportunities of games and applications are always available

to users of PlayStation 4 thanks to regular software update.

Advanced user interface

to Improvement of the interface was promoted by emergence of new notifications, icons and background images.

PS4 allows users to open

of Entertainment on the PS4 Slim screen

for itself not only new games, but also fresh movies, interesting series, the most popular shows and services of streaming multimedia.

access to popular services of a multimedia content therefore it can be used as home entertainment center has

of PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb. With its help it is possible to watch favourite movies and soap operas in 4K HDR.

the Thin video game console will make

of PlayLink

evening in the company cheerful and various. It provides access to different multiplayer games in which control is exercised by means of the tablet or the smartphone.

Best games

are included In the package of the console the popular games Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us. Besides, many others also are available for it the popular and only appeared in the market games which can be got in branded Playstation Store.

Ideal order

can Arrange all available data thanks to available function of creation of folders.

the Possibility of creation of the fast menu

Quick access to often used functions is possible

thanks to the so-called fast menu.

of PlayStation Network

PSN profile allows to monitor the current progress in games and to compare it to relevant progress of friends and teammates.

of Characteristic Game console SONY PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb (Horizon Zero Dawn + Detroit + The Last of Us + PSPlus 3M) (9926009)

Article: 9926009 of
  • of prefix Type of PS 4 Slim
  • of Model of Slim
  • of Model range of PlayStation
  • of Model range 2 levels 4
  • of prefix Type of PS 4 Slim
  • of Model of Slim
  • of Model range of PlayStation
  • of Model range 2 levels 4
  • of Built-in memory 1000
  • of Volume of the hard drive, GB 1000
  • of Random access memory capacity, MB 8192
  • of Interfaces of AUX, Bluetooth, HDMI, LAN, USB, WiFi
  • of of the Game in a set of Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us
  • of Complete set (cart-ny of change in different deliveries) an USB cable, the HDMI Cable, the PS4 Console, the monoheadset, one wireless DualShock 4 controller, PS+ Subscription to 3 months, the AC power cord

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Game console SONY PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb (Horizon Zero Dawn + Detroit + The Last of Us + PSPlus 3M) (9926009)

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