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  • Sprats in oil Pirat (Pirate) Poland 170g 4 pieces


Country of manufacture Poland

Packaging can

Weight 170 g


Sprats in oil Pirat 170g w / w

Sprats in Pirat oil are tender, smoked small fish in oil that have an incredible taste of childhood and celebration. Sprats in Pirat oil can be an excellent decoration for your holiday table. They are also suitable as one of the ingredients for a sandwich, which can be supplemented with cucumber and cheese, herbs, lemon or even quail eggs.

Delicious juicy sprats are ideal in the composition of appetizers to the table. The fish is very tender and soft, does not fall apart. The taste is saturated, moderately salty. The bones are also soft and not palpable when consumed.

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Sprats in oil Pirat (Pirate) Poland 170g 4 pieces

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