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Description Kitchen washing of Franke of BFG 620 onyx (114.0363.940)

Classical washing with excellent functionality

  • What washing will select the buyer depends on habits in eating and preparation, on the number of family members and other individual factors, as well as on preferences of the person.
  • Form, material, color, quantity and arrangement of bowls should be thought well over by
  • create the suitable washing center. Franke knows how excellent washing should look. Specialists in development of design work together with experienced designers for achievement of ideal results. Forms and lines of sinks are professionally embodied in the best materials - stainless steel and a fragranita.
  • In each fragment of products of Franke the ergonomics and functionality harmoniously connect.

Material Fragranite DuraKleen ® Plus

  • Fragranite DuraKleen ® Plus is a second generation of material with the true nature of a stone and with even more convincing unsurpassed quality.
  • Choice of raw materials for production of sinks from granite – a problem of paramount importance. In production Fragranite DuraKleen® Plus only the most high-quality material without impurity providing faultless quality of natural raw materials is applied.
  • Use of expensive technology of pigmentation of granite, but not acrylic resin, in roasting furnaces at a temperature of 600 °C guarantees stability of color of sinks from Fragranite DuraKleen® Plus for decades.
  • its hardness is the Reason of use of granite. The granite crumb is the fourth mineral in the world on hardness after diamond, a ruby and topaz. It gives to sinks from the fragranit the best qualities among the known materials on resistance to scratches. They cannot be scratched, for example, products from metals.
  • Fragranite DuraKleen® Plus – the optimum composite material consisting of 80% of a granite crumb and 20% of acrylic resin.
Wide color range

Material Fragranite DuraKleen ® Plus is offered to


  • in eight attractive flowers which are perfectly combined with flowers of mixers of Franke.

Classical mounting

  • Cut-in sinks use the most widespread method of installation.
  • Moika on top is installed by
  • in previously prepared notch in a table-top.

Characteristic Kitchen washing of Franke of BFG 620 onyx (114.0363.940)

Article: 114.0363.940
  • execution Option turned
  • Material an artificial stone
  • Form rectangular
  • mounting Type over a table-top
  • Quantity of sinks 2 the main
  • execution Option turned
  • Material an artificial stone
  • Colour (main) Black
  • Dimensions of washing (SHKHGKHV), cm 86х50х20
  • Dimensions of a bowl (SHKHGKHV), mm 337х420х200/337х420х200
  • Minimum width of a cabinet, cm 80
  • Form rectangular
  • mounting Type over a table-top
  • Shirin 86
  • Glubin 50 cm
  • Length 50
  • Quantity of sinks 2 the main
  • Covered sinks there is no
  • Complete set valve 3 1/2"; mounting kit; a siphon
  • Opening under the mixer Is not present
  • Siphon is
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Reviews Kitchen washing of Franke of BFG 620 onyx (114.0363.940)

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Kitchen washing of Franke of BFG 620 onyx (114.0363.940)

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