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Description Kitchen washing of Franke of ROG 611-62 onyx (114.0381.072)

Production Franke begins with

history in 1911. The Swiss company strictly controls quality of products at all production phases thanks to what products will serve decades without losing the original state. The unsurpassed design, the unique patented materials and long experience distinguish the Franke company in the world market.

So-called fragranit

- it is the patented material (Fragranite DuraKleen ® Plus with antibacterial protection of Sanitized®). It is composite material, but in difference from other materials with use of a granite crumb, in a fragranita there is no acrylic resin. For this purpose, to receive beautiful and resistant color, production of Franke uses innovative technology of pigmentation of granite, and high-temperature roasting will not allow color to turn pale or change.

Thanks to unique technology of creation of the fragranit, washing from this material have incredibly smooth surface that considerably simplifies leaving process, and the antibacterial covering does not give uniform chance to bacteria and microbes to get into a material time. Fragranit is not afraid of temperature differences. Material also with firmness transfers blows and it cannot be scratched even a metal subject.

Ronda Collection includes sinks of round and oval shape that allows to mount compactly them and to form the most comfortable working area. Rounded shape, the universal size and tremendous branded shades - a combination of practicality and an esthetics of modern kitchen. Sinks from the Ronda collection are capable to decorate even the smallest kitchen space, having saved enough place for preparation of refined dishes.

mounting Type over a table-top
  • Quantity of sinks 1 main
  • Form oval
  • execution Option turned
  • Covered with
    • sinks +
    • Material composite material
    • Complete set the korzinchaty valve
    • Colour black

    washing Parameters

    • Width of 62 cm
    • Length of 50 cm

    Parameters of the main bowl

    • Width of 40 cm
    • Length of 40 cm
    • Depth of 20 cm

    Amount of notch

    • Minimum width of a cabinet of 45 cm

    Sanitized Technology

    Integrated hygienic Sanitized® function in sinks of Franke from Fragranite® helps to keep the surface of washing clean and provides washing with constant protection – 24 hours a day – throughout all term of operation of washing of Franke. Sanitized® silver active agent - active ingredient which interferes with that microbes and bacteria were multiplied. The material enriched with silver significantly reduces risk of spread of a bacterial infection. Tests show that Fragranite® in connection with Sanitized® reduces growth of bacteria and microbes more than by 99%. Result – clean and hygienic washing, lack of smells.

    Characteristic Kitchen washing of Franke of ROG 611-62 onyx (114.0381.072)

    Article: 114.0381.072
    • execution Option turned
    • Material an artificial stone
    • Form oval
    • mounting Type over a table-top
    • Quantity of sinks 1 the main
    • Model ROG 611-62
    • execution Option turned
    • Material an artificial stone
    • Colour (main) Black
    • Dimensions of washing (SHKHGKHV), cm 62х50х20
    • Dimensions of a bowl (SHKHGKHV), mm 400х400х200
    • Invoice of stainless steel opaque
    • Form oval
    • mounting Type over a table-top
    • Shirin 62
    • Glubin 20 cm
    • Length 50
    • Quantity of sinks 1 the main
    • Covered sinks is
    • Complete set korzinchaty valve
    • Opening under the mixer there Is no
    • Siphon there is no
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    Kitchen washing of Franke of ROG 611-62 onyx (114.0381.072)

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