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  • Riciniol-N, Nails (natural emulsion for nails based on castor oil)
Do your nails fade, often break, split and flake?

You need Riciniol-N. This tool will make your nails really strong, give them steel hardness, mirror smoothness and pearlescent shine.

And now - the main surprise. Riciniol-N can be used on top of varnish! It cares for nails even through a varnish coating, makes it strong, elastic and durable.


Ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, stearic, oxystearic fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, other biologically active substances of castor oil; purified water; special organic additives; composition of natural essential oils.


effectively nourishes and strengthens the nail plate, restores its natural color and shine;
increases the elasticity of nails, preventing their fragility and delamination;
nourishes and strengthens the trimmed edge of the nail, preventing its splitting;
prevents the penetration of microbes into the periungual areas and nail tissue;
with regular prolonged use helps to eliminate nail defects.
Why is it effective

"Riciniol-N" provides the needs of the nail in all groups of substances. Its main nutrient components are fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Natural Riciniol-N essential oils protect nails and surrounding tissues from invading microbes, have antioxidant properties and give a delicate aroma.

Due to its high penetrating ability, “Ritsiniol-N” quickly spreads along the surface of the nail, easily dips inward and is fully absorbed by the nail tissue. The same thing happens if the nails are varnished. In addition, the nail itself and the varnish coating become elastic - therefore, the varnish does not crack and does not “peel off”!


Regular nail care

Regardless of whether your nails are varnished, 2-3 times a week lubricate their upper and lower (under the nail) surfaces and periungual areas with “Riciniol-N”.

Protection before applying varnish

Lubricate the nail plates with a thin layer of Riciniol-N. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, remove the rest with a napkin. Apply varnish.

Care for problem nails, restoration

For problematic (thin, brittle, exfoliating, etc.) nails, make applications at least 1 time per week. Apply thickly to Riciniol-N nail plates, cover with a film and a warm towel. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Blot the excess with a clean cloth.

Applications will help restore nails damaged by a manicure or extension procedure. The number of procedures depends on the degree of damage to the nail plates (on average, 1-3 times are enough).


Cases of individual sensitivity to the components of Riciniol-N are possible. Before its first use, you need to do a skin test. Apply the product on the skin of the finger near the nail and leave for 2 hours. If redness, itching, or swelling appears, you should not use Riciniol-N.

Contraindication. Individual intolerance to the components.

Release form. Available in bottles with a dispenser of 10 ml. Shelf life is 2 years. Release date on the bottom of the package. Store in a dark place at room temperature.

Not a cure. Cosmetic emulsion with a pronounced healing and preventive effect.

Country producer Russia
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Volume 10.0 (ml)

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Riciniol-N, Nails (natural emulsion for nails based on castor oil)

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