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  • Means for narrowing the vagina. Thai vaginal balls. Manjakani



The main

Country of manufacture Thailand

Release form Pills

Amount of packaging 10 (pcs.)

Female gender

Additional effect Stimulating, Vaginal narrowing


A unique tool for narrowing the vagina (Thai vaginal balls of Manjakani) made from Oak Gauls, herbal components and a mixture of bamboo charcoal, designed for home use and convenient to use. The components of this drug are distinguished by powerful antihemorrhoidal and astringent properties that contribute to tightening and narrowing of the muscles of the vagina.

Description and review of the composition of Thai vaginal balls

Herbal dragees well remove inflammation and relieve fungal processes, as well as heal wounds and eliminate unpleasant odors.


Product Range:

· Restoration of the walls of the vagina, its narrowing.

· Increased sexual desire and duration of orgasm.

· Prevention of thrush.

Reducing pain during menstruation.


Positive reviews about the Thai vaginal narrowing agent of this brand prove the effectiveness of the use of balls in compliance with the instructions for use. Thanks to this product, even women who give birth can return the shape of the vagina after a few months, without affecting the hormonal background. Tablets can be taken without a doctors prescription.

Product Usage Guidelines

To enhance and prolong pleasure during intercourse, it is recommended to enter dragees at least 6 hours before the intended proximity. As a rule, a tablet is injected to a depth of 6 centimeters.


Important! The vaginal balls of Manjakani from Thailand can be used only 1 time per week (maximum 10 days). The introduction of tablets earlier than 6 months after the birth of the baby is impossible.


The product is produced in a round plastic container in the amount of 8-10 pieces. The effect of the drug lasts about two days.

Reviews Means for narrowing the vagina. Thai vaginal balls. Manjakani

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Means for narrowing the vagina. Thai vaginal balls. Manjakani

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