Ingredients: what's inside?

The unique properties of the product are justified by its composition. What is inside the facility?

Rosemary extract - Contributes to increased blood circulation in the penis, has a unique stimulating effect. The tool allows you to enhance your feelings, making everyday sex a true pleasure. Your feelings will balance on the verge of orgasm, and you will slowly go crazy with breathtaking sensations;

Menthol - Cools and refreshes. Thanks to him, ejaculation slows down, and the sensitivity of the penis continues to be at the highest level. You will feel every centimeter, every cell of her body, you will move smoothly, enjoying the whole range of emotions. And ever balanced on the verge of an orgasm ?;

Peppermint Oil - Natural component that acts on the nerve endings of the penis head, stopping your “rapid-fire” ejaculation.

How does it work?

Despite the secret components, the spray does not dull and does not reduce the sensitivity. After application to the glans penis, the ingredients penetrate the upper layers of the skin. To achieve the effect you need only 1-2 clicks on the spray just before the start of sexual intercourse. And you will get:

Increased by 2-3 times the duration of sexual intercourse;

Quality assurance due to the use of 100% natural ingredients;

Protection against allergies and unpleasant rash;

Ease of use: spray is applied in 1 touch and starts to act after 5 minutes;

The ability to use the drug with condoms (and not just for sex);

Protection against habituation. But with prolonged use, it can improve your potency;

The most thrill. Sex every time will be special for you, will open new faces and new shades.

How to use?

Scientists in the laboratories have long studied the properties of individual components, trying to make the drug as easy to use as possible.

The rate for maximum ease of use is dictated by the buyers themselves. Agree to excite your beloved, say: “Wait, I'll run back now!” And rubbing some ointment in the toilet for 30 minutes is silly.

It was necessary to use a tool that can be used in literally 1 minute, and then enjoy its unique effect.

How to use the drug?

Spray Longinex evenly on the head of the penis and its barrel (1-2 times enough, no more costs!);

Just 1 minute, wait until the components of the product are affected;

Get results and enjoy the best intercourse in your life.

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LONGINEX - Longinex spray prolongator of intercourse

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LONGINEX - Longinex spray prolongator of intercourse

LONGINEX - Longinex spray prolongator of intercourse

Ingredients: what's inside?The unique properties of the product are justified by its composition. Wh..