• TITAN GEL - Intimate lubricant for men

Intimate lubricant TITAN GEL: the power of organics for real men

An offer to buy Titan Gel from an Austrian manufacturer caused an unprecedented boom in the market. An unparalleled natural composition can reveal the male potential and completely neutralize the harmful effects of external factors: age, stress, ecology, sexuality irregularities, etc. It is based on many years of pharmacological and practical research that have proven the effectiveness of the drug. Titan Gel - is the only means, the effect of the use of which remains stable throughout life!

How the drug works

The gel consists of thistle, Peruvian poppy, lichen extract, goryanka and other natural ingredients and vitamins, which are a kind of prototype of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Saturating nerve fibers, the tool normalizes their work, which affects not only the duration of sexual intercourse and the brightness of orgasms, but also the penis volume. After a month of use will change:

Penis length - up to 5 centimeters

Volume - up to 55% depending on the initial girth

The duration of sexual intercourse - will increase several times

The number and intensity of orgasms

Please note: the claimed effect of the drug manifests itself in the first weeks of use, regardless of the reason for its acquisition.

Sexologists recommend: who should buy Titan Gel:

Unstable or episodic erection

Low or insufficient head sensitivity

Wavelike excitement during intercourse

Lack of sexual intercourse

Instructions for use: how to use Titan Gel for maximum effect

The effectiveness of the drug depends on the correctness of its application and the chronology of action. The manufacturer recommends that it is not enough to buy the original Titan Gel, the main thing is to adhere to the sequence of the following points:

Apply a sufficient amount of the drug to the penis.

Place your thumb on the base of the head, making a tight grip

Without weakening the force, perform longitudinal movement from the base to the head

The number and speed of movements should be alternated (15-20 cycles per 1 minute)

Wait until the drug is completely absorbed, without stopping movements (about 10 minutes)

The main difference between Titan Gel and its analogs, which are in abundance on the market, is not a result simulation, but a real action. Influencing the microcellular level allows the tool to change the architecture of the cavernous bodies and muscle tissue, creating the perfect geometry of the penis.

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TITAN GEL - Intimate lubricant for men

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TITAN GEL - Intimate lubricant for men

TITAN GEL - Intimate lubricant for men

Intimate lubricant TITAN GEL: the power of organics for real menAn offer to buy Titan Gel from an Au..