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Description Smart Fibaro Walli Switch Z-Wave switch white (FGWDSEU-221)

Stylish step to the future

Unique design and exclusive technologies

a Full series of intelligent sockets and FIBARO switches on the basis of Z-Wave technology will provide

your house with universal intelligence. The appearance of a series is inspired by a pearl - refinement not subject to time and a beautiful form which will add any graceful interior.

LED ring which is suitable for your house

Smart Fibaro Walli Switch switch by all means will become an exclusive of your house, and thanks to light-emitting diode to a ring which changes color, will approach any interior. Select color of a LED ring that it corresponded to your personal preferences. Use two colors of illumination in any place - one below and another above to learn an exact status of the device. You monitor that how many energy is consumed by your home equipment.

Reliable components and attractive details


as it is pleasant to you

Configure the button of the Walli Switch switch as it is pleasant to you completely to seize its surprising opportunities.

It is compatible to products of other vendors

of FIBARO Walli is compatible * to front panels of other vendors: GIRA - System 55 **, Legrand - Celiane, Schneider - Odace. If you are attracted by sockets which you already have, equip them with a clever detail for the flush mounting and enjoy functions of the smart house without replacement of the front panel. *neobkhody the adapter for the correct installation. Check the specification. ** Check specifications what devices from a series work with Walli.

you forgot to turn off the light? It is not a problem any more.

you cannot remember

whether you turned off the light and whether switched-off the iron? From now on you can breathe a sigh of relief because by means of the switch and the Walli socket you remotely turn off the light and the equipment using the application.

Adjust lighting on an event

Different situations require different intensity of light. At one it is comfortable to you to work, one is ideal for viewing the movie, and another well is suitable for a romantic dinner with darling. With Walli Dimmer you can adjust lighting according to your desire one clicking.

Work with a system

Walli Socket connected to the FIBARO system interacts with other devices in the environment of the smart house. When the sensor of air quality finds exceeding of norm, the air purifier connected to the Walli socket will be started automatically. That the family and friends were in safety and were healthy, everything occurs by itself. First-class things, isn't that so?

Manage all rollets at the same time

Control of several devices along with one switch. The unique combination of ease and universality allowing to connect one controller a rollet with all blinds on all apartment. Incredibly!

to Return to the house of the future


that you came home after unlucky day, and in one click you close entrance gate and a garage, include heating of a garage and turn off the light where it is not necessary any more. Similar to the script of science fiction, but Walli just does it in your everyday life.

Night in shine

Little researchers, brave during the day, often, apparently, are afraid of the dark. With Walli the darkness is not terrible any more because the night road for travelers is designated by the shining LED ring. They will always find the road to the room or a bed of the parents.

of Characteristic Smart Fibaro Walli Switch Z-Wave switch white (FGWDSEU-221)

Article: span do not have FGWDSEU-221 of
  • of Type Smart switch
  • of Type Smart switch
  • of Compatibility with models of Z-wave
  • of Work without control center Yes
  • of Fast installation
  • of Remote access Yes
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Smart Fibaro Walli Switch Z-Wave switch white (FGWDSEU-221)

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