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  • Biomanix - capsules to increase potency


Development wins over all known penis enlargement methods.

The drug is not addictive, and the new size remains with the man forever, regardless of whether he will take the drug further or not.

The tool helps to increase the penis both in length and in thickness.

The development allows every man to feel like a real male.

Biomanix to increase penis acts quickly, and after a few weeks of use, men can notice the result.

In total, it is possible to increase the penis up to 3 cm in length and up to 2 cm in volume.

With regular use of the drug increases libido, normal hormones, improves the quality of seminal fluid.

An activator of penis growth enhances sensitivity and improves the quality of sex life.

Biomanix capsules do not cause allergic reactions, do not harm digestion and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The tool does not interact with other drugs and does not affect the concentration and attention.

Action method

The active components of the drug come directly to the base of the penis, stimulating the growth of new cavernous bodies and contributing to their filling. The drug strengthens the smooth muscles of the penis and stimulates blood circulation.

The composition of Biomanix to increase member includes:

PDE5 inhibitors - activate the growth of the penis, stimulate cell renewal;

Tongkat Ali - increases libido, has an antioxidant effect, guarantees a stable erection;

L-carnitine - increases mental and physical performance, increases endurance, regulates metabolic processes;

muira pouma - gives strength, increases the level of vital energy, counteracts inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, stabilizes erection;

Mouaki root - promotes the expansion of the muscles of the penis, increases sensitivity and sexual arousal.

Innovative drug Biomanix for the member acts quickly and gives lasting results. Many men have already appreciated the drug in action. However, women give a high assessment to the development, which helps them to improve their sex life with a regular partner.


The drug is taken on a course of 1 capsule daily. Course duration is determined by the desired result.

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Biomanix - capsules to increase potency

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