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Means Alligator for potency surpasses all known developments on a synthetic basis. And since the drug is completely natural, it does not bring any harm to the body.

The advantages of the development include the softness of the action, the absence of withdrawal syndrome and an affordable price. The tool is intended not only for a single increase in arousal (although men often use the drug in this way), but for the treatment and prevention of sexual disorders, weakening of erection, premature ejaculation and reducing the quality of seminal fluid. Experts leave about Alligator drops for potency reviews positive content, which is associated with the unique effect of the product and the lack of potential harm to the body.

The development will help to cope with the weakening of potency on the background of stress and chronic fatigue. Drops should be taken by men of mature age for the prevention of tumor processes and prostatitis.

Action method

The drug is sold without a prescription. Many people call it a dietary supplement, but it is a powerful drug that counteracts age-related changes, improves potency and prevents the development of prostate adenoma.

The effectiveness of the Alligator to increase potency is due to the special composition:

Gotu Kola extract - a plant that can be called a powerful aphrodisiac. It copes well with stagnation in the pelvis, increases libido, counteracts early extinction of reproductive functions;

stone oil - enhances the sexual activity of men, improves the quality of seminal fluid, improves cell renewal;

A red brush is a plant that effectively fights both male and female infertility. Improves the composition of sperm, counteracts impotence, normalizes blood supply to tissues;

Kalgan - improves erection, prevents early ejaculation;

Yohimbe - aligns hormones in men, contributes to prolonged sexual intercourse;

bear onions - has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating properties.

Andrologists and sexologists leave positive feedback on the Alligator for potency and recommend a remedy for use in improving the quality of sex life and preventing age-related changes in men.


The tool is diluted in a small amount of water at a dosage of 10-15 drops. Take three times a day before meals. The duration of therapy is 4 weeks.

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Alligator - drops for potency, erection

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