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  • Gigaset C530 DUO Black DECT phone

Description Gigaset C530 DUO Black DECT Phone

Personal expression of the Same style
unique as you, with clear management and modern design, phone for stationary Gigaset C530 communication lines can be configured to your taste. Select one of two attractive background color schemes for the color display with a diagonal of 1.8 inches. You can even install a personal welcome screen, an individual sound profile and a special call for the selected contact.

Excellent feature set, magnificent performance
Place will be enough

for all! The telephone book of Gigaset C530 contains up to 150 records of contacts, the full name and to 3 numbers is stored in each of which. Mark out personal "especially important persons" and write the related special dates by means of convenient function of a reminder. And that is not all: the convenient switch "day/night" disconnects a call for a while when you need rest and silence.

It is created for frequent calls
by the Time phone conversation can last literally for hours. But thanks to 14 hours of continuous work in a talk mode of Gigaset C530 will not bring you. The reliable technology of wireless communication also allows to carry phone with itself on all house, without worrying about battery power level.

Eco DECT: not radiating
mode Effective energy consumption means that Gigaset C530 burdens the environment and your purse less. As well as all wireless telephones of the Gigaset series, it reduces signal power from a tube to the base station depending on distance between them. You can also reduce the power radiated by the base station of Gigaset C530 by 80%, having just selected ECO Mode operation mode. Moreover, not radiating ECO Mode Plus mode switches off the transmitter for that time while your phone stays idle.

Great tonal quality
good listener to Be as important

how to share the thoughts. The analog Gigaset C530 phone guarantees a sound on High Sound Performance technology by each call therefore you can accurately catch each word.

High tonal quality (HSP™ technology)
Long operating time without recharge (up to 14 h in a talk mode)
Operating time without recharge in standby mode – till 300 oclock
Cover zone: 50 m indoors and 300 meters on the street
ECO Mode Plus Mode with zero level of the radiation
Avtoregulyation of signal power of the transmitter depending on distance from a tube to the base station
Telephone book on 150 records
List of the Last of 20 Missed Calls with date and time
Multilingual menu - 19 Support languages
Function of a Reminder of Date

Alarm Clock of 30 Various Ringtones
up to 6 tubes
battery Type: 2xAAA

Characteristic Gigaset C530 DUO Black DECT Phone

Article: span do not have L36852H2512S301
  • Type radio telephone
  • Tubes in a set 2
  • Display (matrix type) TFT
  • Operating time in an active mode 14 h
  • Memory of Caller ID 50 calls
  • Search of a tube
  • Additional properties Polyphony, the Public address system, the Call-back, AON, Caller ID
  • Standard of communication DECT (digital) / GAP
  • Colour Black
  • Range on location, m 300
  • Opportunity Search of a tube, the Call-back, AON, Caller ID, keyboard Illumination, the Radio nurse
  • In addition Search of a tube, the Call-back, AON, Caller ID, keyboard Illumination, the Radio nurse
  • Quantity of the connected tubes 6
  • Ringtones, 30
  • Memory proceeding 20 numbers
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Gigaset C530 DUO Black DECT phone

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