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  • Predstanol - Capsules for prostatitis


What is the high efficacy of Predstanol capsules for prostatitis?

More than 80% of still young men do not even realize that they are sick.

The first signs of prostatitis, check yourself:

libido decreases, erection becomes weaker;

rapid and painful ejaculation during intercourse;

the orgasm has ceased to be bright and sensual;

urination is given with difficulty, drop by drop, a constant feeling of fullness of the bladder;

pain when going to the toilet;

sex takes place only three times a week;

abdominal pain and testicles;

sleep is disturbed, you feel constant fatigue and depression, a bad mood accompanies you all day.

Main actions Prestanol:

The formula contains plants that are natural antibiotics. They quickly stop the growth of the prostate and relieve inflammatory processes;

after seven days, the prostate gland will take its natural size;

her cells will begin to function in a healthy, safe manner;

eliminates fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, causing acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland and other organs of the urogenital system;

the process of urination will resemble in normal mode without pain;

returns sexual abilities and cravings, makes a strong erection, eliminates dysfunction of all genitals;

preserves the joy of family life, makes life brighter, fills it with love.

What is part of the capsules Prestanol from prostatitis

The secret of high performance and speed of action - in a harmoniously selected composition.

As a result of the interaction, the active natural ingredients reinforce each others actions, create a powerful stream of synergy aimed at improving the whole body.

Nature in this product works for your health 24 hours a day, filling it with strength, endurance, energy, and efficiency.

As part of Predstanol:

propolis extract

Eastern pollen extract

immortelle flower extract,

black elderberry flower extract,

nettle extract

juniper fruit extract,

yarrow herb extract,

lemongrass seed extract,

hawthorn fruit extract,

complex of 12 vitamins.

All components have long been known in traditional medicine, and today they are actively used for the production of many medical preparations. They are able to protect against hormonal problems, normalize the function of the prostate gland.

Benefits according to reviews:

natural ingredients that do not cause a negative effect on the heart, liver and kidneys;

approved for use without a prescription by a doctor and his advice;

unlike antibiotics does not reduce immunity;

has a prolonged effect, is not addictive;

recommended by the best specialists;

has low cost;

There is no age limit.


Take 1 capsule 3 times a day.

The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

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Predstanol - Capsules for prostatitis

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