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Golden Ant 5800 mg. In a pack of 12 tablets. China. Gold Ant is a chic drug for potency, begins to act 15 minutes after ingestion. The composition of the Golden Ant tablets contains components that are themselves natural stimulants: • African red ants are rich in protein (up to 60%) and contain 28 types of amino acids. The high content of biological enzymes neutralizes free radicals. The pantry of vitamins B, vitamins A, D, C and a large number of micro and macronutrients helps the body to survive. The presence of steroids in the composition of the red ant pills strengthens the body, increases resistance to stress, recovery and cell regeneration, increase potency. • Ginseng, the tinctures of which are a life elixir, and has a beneficial effect on increasing potency. Many centuries ago, men of mountain Tibet drank ginseng infusion to strengthen male power. Stories about the unprecedented sexual “exploits” of Tibetans far from a middle-aged age have reached our days. • Extract from reindeer antlers. Each year, the reindeer throw off antlers - grown up young horns, which consist of a soft tubular bone layer. This not keratinized part of the bone tissue is pierced with blood vessels and filled with blood. The inhabitants of the Ancient East used antlers in medicine in the preparation of powders and tinctures that can prolong life, preserve strength, youth, sexual attraction • Cordyceps - Chinese mushroom grows in conditions incredible for the survival of an animal or human organism. At an altitude of more than 4,500 meters high in Tibet there is not enough water and oxygen, and the soil is stones and grass. For thousands of years, cordyceps has survived in order to "reach" to our days and give humankind a rare composition of chemical elements and healing properties. Trying to live in extreme conditions, Cordyceps "eats" the caterpillars, which are glued to the suckers. When it is time for reproduction, a mycelium ripens inside the body of the caterpillar, “breaking through” the caterpillar body through the growth period, and, freed from the caterpillar - mother, germinates for further development. The composition of cordyceps on the third is an essential amino acid. For this, the Chinese use it as a "magic" remedy for all diseases. Natural natural antibiotic Cordyceps is used as an anti-depressant, restores vitality, improves potency, slows the aging process of the body. • The mountain snow lotus is inaccessible and grows high in the mountains, above 4000m, in deep crevices. Because of the inaccessibility, little is known about the plant: it stimulates the activity of the heart muscle and improves blood flow, which is an important physiological process for the normal performance of sexual intercourse. Red Ant pills are recommended for use in: • Impotence • Poor erection • Sluggish penis • Penis atrophy • Prostatitis prevention • Frequent urination 1 tablet is taken before starting sexual intercourse for half an hour, it is possible to use with alcohol. The drug is certified in Russia and meets state standards. Not recommended for people under 18 years of age and those suffering from heart disease. edition of 2017. 01.08. 12 tablets in the package is suitable for 3 years Gold Ant drug for potency China

Reviews Gold Ant - a means for potency12 tabl in pack

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Gold Ant - a means for potency12 tabl in pack

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