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  • Satibo a drug for potency

In the package Satibo - 8 capsules. Perparat Satibo recommended for use one hour before sexual intercourse, and this drug affects women as a pathogen. The difference from other drugs for potency - easy tolerance and the almost complete absence of side effects, increases the penis, relieves fatigue, with alcohol is not desirable, but possible. The drug for potency Satibour is developed by the world famous Japanese company Fuji. Refers to elite (VIP) drugs. The composition of Satibo: yams, licorice, lily, euryaly grains, Chinese lycium, etc. The distinctive feature of Satibou does not contain ginseng, since many people cannot tolerate ginseng. Increases immunity, does not cause increased heart rate. Dosing 1-2 capsules per hour, can be taken mutually with a woman. Now in the west, the Satibo potency capsule is a sales hit. Analogs dapoxetine, vardenafil, tadalafil, sildenafil buy, price in Ukraine is China.

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Satibo a drug for potency

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