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  • Means Karcher Foam Stop (6.295-873.0) defoamer

Description Means the Karcher Foam Stop (6.295-873.0) defoamer

Liquid FoamStop neutral defoamer

Prevents undesirable foaming that is the requirement for saving a guarantee of Karcher. In case of hit of foam in nodes and units of the vacuum cleaner first of all fail the filter. An indispensable condition is at everyone cleaning to add a defoamer cap to the tank filled with water.

of Characteristic Means Karcher Foam Stop (6.295-873.0) defoamer

Article: 6.295-873.0 of
  • of Assignment prevents foaming
  • of Volume, l 0.125

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Means Karcher Foam Stop (6.295-873.0) defoamer

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