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Description Cleaner 2E 150ml GEL for LED/LCD + a napkin of 15X15 cm (2E-SK21G)

Cleaning set consisting of cleaning gel + napkins of 15х15 cm. For soft and safe removal of dirt, dust and bold spots from screens of the electronic equipment. Let's apply to cleaning of LED/LCD/TFT of monitors, laptops, TV of the equipment and screens of the portable electronic equipment.

of Feature:

  1. the Volume of gel solution is 150 ml.
  2. does not contain alcohol.
  3. For safe use look through the operating instruction of your electronic equipment.

of the Rule of use

For use remove a small bottle cap, get a napkin. Having clicked the small bottle valve, apply the cleaning liquid on a napkin. Wipe the screen with a napkin. After that wipe the screen with the reverse dry side of a napkin. Wash a napkin with neutral detergents.

of Characteristic Cleaner 2E 150ml GEL for LED/LCD + napkin of 15X15 cm (2E-SK21G)

Article: of
  • of Colour Green
  • of Weight of 190 g
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Cleaner 2E 150ml GEL for LED/LCD + napkin of 15X15 cm (2E-SK21G)

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