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  • Yahya Trand

Main characteristics

Diameter of the neck of the bulb (External) 5.5 cm Presence of the recess under the backlight No

Height of the flask: 30 cm

Country of origin: USA


Flask for shisha Yahya Trand

Popular brand Yahya has recently entered the Ukrainian market, but already at the initial stage proved itself as a quality company that produces reliable accessories and hookahs. The materials of the mine are made of stainless steel, but the Yahya 580 bulb is made of high-quality durable glass. The color of this vessel is transparent with blue divorces. A special thread is used to connect the flask. This ensures reliable tightness, gives excellent traction, which ensures long-term smoking.

The flasks of Yahya are distinguished by their variety and reasonable prices. You can note a large number of models and color variations. Almost all the bulbs are in stock, they can withstand falling, they can be easily selected with any element. The product has a height of 30 cm. Produced in the States. Yahya 580 can be bought in the store Hookah in any quantity.

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Yahya Trand

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