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  • Lovelas - capsules for potency, 15 cap.

Useful properties Lovelas

A common symptom of lost male health is poor erection, inability to have sexual intercourse. This indicates the appearance and development of an infection in the urogenital area, or possibly a difficult period in life and psychological discomfort. In any of the options, it would be right to contact the doctors to avoid negative consequences. In addition to drug treatment, experts often recommend maintenance therapy with dietary supplements in components that have a herbal formula, for example, Lovelace.

This is the latest development in the field of drugs to maintain men's health and sexual relations in particular. Its general functions include improving blood circulation in the blood vessels and pelvic organs, and certain ones - to normalize the processes of ejaculation, erection and stimulation of libido.

The composition of the drug for potency Lovelas - plant components, so to speak, a natural aphrodisiac with a cumulative but lasting effect. The safety of the product has been proven by testing and a quality certificate. For ease of use, herbs are crushed and packaged in capsules, which are convenient to swallow with water.

The ease of use of the drug "plays into the hands" of men who do not advertise their weakness. Lovelas capsule is easy to mistake for a regular dietary supplement to improve digestion, for example. Blisters with capsules can be taken with you on the road, because regular intake is an important condition on the path to recovery.The directed action of the complex of oriental herbs, which contains Lovelas, does not negatively affect other organs, as it has to be endured from the action of chemical compounds that change the composition of the blood. The action of chemistry always "responds" with a headache in the morning and other unpleasant side effects.

In short, the positive properties of Lovelace can be said as follows:

eliminates stagnant processes in the pelvic organs, improves blood circulation and functions of the genital organs. As a result, a full-fledged sexual intercourse proceeds;

increases the sensitivity of the male genital organ and the duration of sexual intercourse;

does not show side effects, is not addictive;

herbal composition, known to healers of oriental medicine;

easy to use;

combined with the prescribed drug treatment;

makes it possible to keep the treatment confidential.

The composition of the male capsules Lovelas

The natural (plant) components of the drug give it some advantages over other chemical-based potency remedies. Any specialist will confirm that herbs collected in clean meadows are safer and have no side effects. But their effectiveness directly depends on the regularity of receptions and duration in time.

Each capsule of Lovelas contains crushed roots of Eurycoma and Smilax, as well as an extract of Cordyceps.

Eurycoma - grows and gathers in Asia. This is a low-growing shrub of the parnolistnikovye family with healing properties. In dietary supplement Lovelace, the roots of the plant are used.Crushed and dissolved in our stomach, they stimulate the production of testosterone, which normalizes the overall hormonal background of the male body. Improve blood flow in the pelvic system.

Cordyceps chinensis - grows and gathers in the rocky lands of Tibet and the People's Republic of China. Its vitality is undeniable: the height of the mountains on which it can be found reaches 4000 meters above sea level, where temperatures are low and oxygen is scarce. The properties of cordyceps have long been useful in Chinese medicine: tonic, anti-inflammatory, nourishing. The plant contains a lot of micronutrients.

Smilax is an aphrodisiac plant that is found in Asia (India, China, Japan) in tropical forests. Its strong stimulant effect is used in medicines to treat male health problems. In Lovelace, Smilax roots help to activate sexual activity and libido.

Each of the listed herbs has its own spectrum of effects, but together they eliminate stagnant processes in the pelvic organs.

Instructions for use of the drug Lovelas

Lovelas is used in the following cases:

decreased level of sexual excitability (libido);

erectile dysfunction;

disorders of the genitourinary organs;

premature ejaculation;

BPH; prostatitis, urethritis.

In the instructions for use of Lovelas potency capsules, the manufacturer describes the following procedure:

For any age, 1 capsule is prescribed up to 2 times a day during meals and

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Lovelas - capsules for potency, 15 cap.

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