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the penis is increased by a couple of centimeters, and the diameter increase is also noticeable;

helps to increase the penis in a short time;

spray effect is long lasting;

sexual intercourse improves;

persistent erection.


Complex of microelements (Na, Zn, Ca, Fe)

Essential oil of nutmeg.

Patchouli essential oil.

Biologically active pectins.

Amino acids: lysine, methionine, isoleucine and tryptophan.

How does the Dominator work?

Step 1. Spray the spray over the entire length of the penis so that it becomes completely wet.

Step 2. Rub into the skin until completely absorbed, paying special attention to the head.

Step 3. Enjoy instant results!

These vitamins help men. Minerals will strengthen your penis and effect after the spray. Spray Dominator should adjust the size of the penis. Natural oils can prepare the skin of the penis for stretching. Further pectins come into force. They are able to increase blood flow, divide cells. Thus, the tissues of the penis will increase. Member will increase in volume. And minerals can prolong the effect of the Dominator spray. In the complex, all the ingredients help to increase the penis size up to 35% of the actual length at the time of use of the Dominator spray.

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Dominator - Intimate Spray for Potency

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