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Health and beauty of hair is a priceless riches that incredibly adorn both a woman and a man, leaving admiring people around. However, due to constant stresses and genetic factors, unpleasant gray hair appears, which is increasingly manifested at a rather early age. Permanent hair dyeing requires a lot of time and effort and, in addition, damages the hair and does not always mask gray hair.

However, there is a way out. With hair lotion "Antiseedin ++" from the Ukrainian manufacturer Alta Color your hair will again acquire its natural shade, become more dense and stronger. The action of the agent is based on the release of the natural pigment of melanin, responsible for the hair color. In addition, the product protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment and promotes their growth.

"Antiseedin ++" prevents the appearance of dandruff, helps to strengthen thin and brittle hair, and also cares for them thanks to a complex of plant extracts.

How to use: shake the bottle and pour a small amount of money on the palm. Apply it to clean and dry hair, without rubbing it into the scalp. Sites with the greatest amount of gray hair moisten more abundantly. Carefully comb with a frequent comb and leave on hair. The exposure time is not less than 8 hours.

Composition: Glycerin, distilled water, sulfur, ammonium chloride, ethyl alcohol (1.25% by volume), benzyl alcohol, lead-acetic acid.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components. It is not a medicinal product. Do not use for the beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. Do not use if there are scratches, injuries or wounds on the scalp.

Time of application: universal

Hair type: all types

Age: 18+

Gender: Unisex

Volume: 200ml

Manufacturer: Alta Color (Ukraine)

Made in: Ukraine


Dmitry16.04.16 17:23

After prolonged use, the hair ceased to fall out and began to grow faster, just as shine and volume appeared. Hair became alive

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Kristina 19.02.16 16:06

There is a small effect of strengthening the hair, at least the hair does not fall out and do not break, after washing it was especially noticeable when combing, they became slightly stronger, I feel more confident with this shampoo, the feeling that a protective layer is applied over the hair quite cheap, really pleases.


strengthening hair, protective film as it were, a clear effect, a price tag.

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Olga9.12.15 18:45

I can say one thing, that this shampoo returned to my hair the usual color and gave them a second life. After its use, the spread of gray hair over my head stopped. He very well nourishes the hair, I think it is due to the fact that in the components of this shampoo there are medicinal herbs and other useful substances, and artificial substances are practically absent.


low price

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Vera23.11.15 23:58

Gray-haired little adorns, but I did not want to dye my hair, so as not to spoil them with paint. I decided to try to restore the natural pigment of hair with the help of Antiseid Two life. She applied the lotion according to the instructions daily to dry hair with a cotton disc and rubbed it. I washed my head no more than 2 times a week. For three weeks of application graying has not completely disappeared, but there are noticeable results - hair began to darken from the roots (ie grow already with its pigment). I will continue.


contains extracts from medicinal plants, easy to use, improves the condition of hair, restores its own pigment of the growing hair


To the grown hair does not help, only growing from roots

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Reviews Antisedin Recover STOP gray hair anti-dandruff against breakage healthy, 200ml ORIGINAL

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Antisedin Recover STOP gray hair anti-dandruff against breakage healthy, 200ml ORIGINAL

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