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Drops for potency Hammer of the Torah is a fast-acting medicine that has a long-term and strong effect. As the name of the drug says, this remedy was created according to an ancient recipe, which the Vikings themselves used. This miraculous remedy for maintaining and restoring male strength has passed many clinical trials, as a result of which the test men have it that it is indeed highly effective and of high quality. Now you also have the opportunity to use this tool. It has all the necessary components that are needed for a weak, exhausted male body.

  The effect of constituent droplets:

due to the fact that the preparation contains extract from invertebrate litters, which constantly inhabit the zones of tide and ebb of the Norwegian coast, the preparation improves the production of testosterone;

thanks to the extract of the rarest species of northern moss that grows only in Norway, the masculine body normalizes the flow of blood to intimate organs, improves the supply of blood vessels with oxygen and stabilizes the pressure;

the liver extract of the sea line (the fish that lives deep in the Scandinavian waters) can increase the amount of zinc that is responsible for the level of libido, because it is the libido that controls the amount of testosterone that is produced in the male body;

extraction from krill Arctic also improves the production of testosterone, in addition it improves the body's absorption of vitamins, which are responsible for the resistance and stability of the erection (vitamins E and A), and nourish the nervous system and increase its reaction.

  What are the advantages of drops for the potency of the Torah Hammer and how do they affect men?

  First of all, drops help to stabilize the metabolism in the body, which is directly related to the level of testosterone production. In addition, they have an effect on a number of other male sexual ailments:

increase sexual desire

strengthen and stabilize an erection

significantly increase the time of sexual intercourse

provide brightness orgasm

increase immunity

improve the general condition of the body, removing both physical and psychological fatigue

improve the performance of men

increases the volume and hardness of the penis

  In addition to the above positive qualities of this tool, it has other pluses in comparison with its counterparts. Drops are very convenient packaging, which allows you to take a certain amount of the drug (a few drops per day), it allows you to always be ready for intercourse. More than 96% of men who have undergone clinical trials of this drug have regained their male health. The duration of action of these drops is much greater than that of their analogs and other medicines. The product includes only natural ingredients, and therefore has no contraindications, including it can be used during the celebration together with alcohol, or combined with the use of other medications.

  With the use of drops for the potency of the Thor's Hammer, you can not only regain your masculine strength, but also improve your health and strength, and yet what is needed for the weaker sex. Now you can forget about the impact of working stresses and failures on your sex life. Now you can make your partner incredibly happy just by appearing on the doorstep of the house. Now you do not need to invent in bed what can distract you from the process and thereby prolong the sexual act, you can finally feel all the pleasure of mutual orgasm.

  How to use drops for the potency of the Torah Hammer?

  For the required action of the drug, drip directly into the tongue 3-5 drops. Repeat this course for 5-15 days. Despite the duration of the course, the first effect you will feel after 5 days of using the drug. Repeat the course is necessary in the same number of days and the result will not be long in coming. The effect of the drug will last for the next 5-6 months. If this was not enough, then repeat the course again.

  Apply drops for potency Hammer Thor follows:

with the weakening of sexual activity

at problems with an erection

with a decreased sexual desire

with weakened potency or impotence

with cystitis, pyelonephritis and urethritis

at untimely ejaculation

with a small amount of sperm or its low quality

if you are a professional sportsman

with irregular sexual intercourse

at frequent reception of stresses

with total body fatigue 

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Hammer of the Torah - unique drops to increase potency 100% ORIGINAL FROM THE MANUFACTURER

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Hammer of the Torah - unique drops to increase potency 100% ORIGINAL FROM THE MANUFACTURER

Hammer of the Torah - unique drops to increase potency 100% ORIGINAL FROM THE MANUFACTURER

CharacteristicsCountry of origin BrazilGender MaleForm of release LiquidQuantity per pack 1 (pcs.)De..