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  • TV Antenna Romsat AV-2845

Specifications TV antenna Romsat AV-2845

Description TV Antenna Romsat AV-2845

Romsat AV-2845 is a log-periodic type antenna for receiving terrestrial analog and digital (DVB-T, T2) DMV signals. Design with integrated F-connector for simple and reliable connection of the antenna cable.

Logoperiodic type of antenna design provides direct antenna connection (without additional matching element) and uniform value of the antenna gain in the working band of decimetre waves. The integrated F-connector and the supplied sealing element ensure a simple and reliable connection of the antenna cable.

Digital TV Standards DVB-T


Analog TV reception

Digital TV


Appearance External

No Amplifier No

Frequency range 470-862 MHz

Connectors Antenna output

Additional characteristics Channels: 21-69

Polarization: vertical, horizontal

Connection: F-connector

Material: Aluminum

Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C

Dimensions 1035 (length) mm

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TV Antenna Romsat AV-2845

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