AMY Deluxe SS06 is a stainless steel hookah made by AMY Hookah, whose distinguishing feature is the new design of the mine, the upper part of which is untwisted into 3 parts. Due to this feature it is the only model of high hookahs that is perfect for frequent transportation.

In the market there are different variations of colors and design of this model of hookah. Which differ from each other only by the color of the hose and patterns on the flask. The very same bulb is half transparent, which is convenient, because the water level is visible, and you can decorate it with fruits, colored liquid.

The design and ease of smoking is without a doubt cool, but the reliability of the hookah depends on the materials from which it is made.

In the production of hookahs of the AMY Deluxe SS model line, high-quality food stainless steel is used, which absolutely does not produce extraneous smells and tastes, and will ensure the maximum life of the hookah, besides, it is the stainless steel that best cools the smoke.

Several features of the hookah AMY Deluxe SS06, which will help with the choice.

1. AMY Deluxe SS06 - brutal design, versatility and excellent functionality.

2. All materials used in production comply with norms and standards, they are safe for health and the environment.

3. Do not place high hopes on the standard AMY bowl that is also included in the package. It is best used for heat-resistant tobacco or beznikotinovyh substitutes for tobacco, because because of the density of the material of the bowl, tobacco is very easy to burn.

4. Hot-Screen - a foil substitute and the predecessor of Kaloud Lotus. Its diameter excludes the possibility of using the standard size on the bowls, and if in the future you select a bowl for it, we recommend paying attention to its size. But of course, it's much easier to regulate the heat supply with Kaloud Lotus, besides it's safer.

5. The big weight of a hookah in gathering in aggregate with a wide basis of a bulb does its steady, and accordingly and safe in use.

6. On the shisha, 1 universal adapter for a hose with a swivel angle of up to 15 °, 2 plugs for which you can buy and place adapters, for use on 2 or more hoses, and a purge valve are preinstalled.

7. Molasses catcher which is provided in basic hookah prevents molasses and tobacco leaf particles from entering the flask, thereby keeping the shaft and the flask clean and simplifying the care of the hookah.

8. The bulb provides a place for LED-backlighting.


Height: 80 cm.

Warranty: 1 year.

Mine Material: Stainless Steel

Country of origin: Germany

Inside diameter of the shaft: 13 mm.


Mine; flask; saucer; silicone hose; aluminum mouthpiece; hose connector; bowl; Hot-Screen; hose holder; a protective disk on the saucer; set of seals; forceps

Extras. option: Universal adapter on the hinge with an angle of rotation up to 15 °, the effect of the soap bubble in the color of the bulb, Space for LED-lighting in the bulb.

Bowl complete: External clay

Connection Type: Thread

Number of ports: 4

Diffuser presence: None

The volume of the flask: 2.5 liters.

Hose length with mouthpiece: 180 cm.

Packing: Box

Weight of the complete set: 5.8 kg.

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AMY Deluxe SS06 is a stainless steel hookah made by AMY Hookah, whose distinguishing feature is the ..