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  • Battery  12V 10 Ah B.B. Battery SHR 10-12

Works 40 minutes at a load of 100 watts.

Voltage 12 Volts

Capacity 10 Ag

Service life of 5 years

AGM technology

Battery type Lead-acid

Weight 2.95 kg

Length 151 mm

Width 65 mm

Height 100 mm

Terminal output type T2

Warranty period, months 12

The B.B. Battery SHR 10-12

B.B. Battery SHR 10-12 is a sealed lead-acid battery. Which is also called VRLA battery. Because the battery is equipped with control valves, when the internal pressure increases, they work. As a result, the battery itself continues to work properly. In turn, this indicates the safety of using this type of battery.

Proven technology

SHR 10-12 (12 volts 10 ampere-hours) - power source made by Absorbent Glass Mat technology. The AGM rechargeable battery is characterized by an electrolyte located between the lead alloy plates and absorbed into the fiberglass separator. Due to the fact that the case is made of quality plastic, you can not worry about electrolyte leakage. At the same time the thought-over design prevents corrosion of plugs.

A great feature

The HR series differs from standard AGM batteries by special plates. Which are made of specially designed lead alloy according to a special recipe. In addition, in the manufacture of plates using a paste with improved characteristics. As a result, the HR series batteries provide higher output power. Simply put, the SHR 12V 10 Ah is ideal for use in UPS.

Practicality of AGM

The practicality of AGM batteries is primarily that they do not emit harmful fumes. However, the SHR 12V 10 Ag battery does not require maintenance for the entire service life. Due to this it has a fairly wide scope.

Variety of operating modes

The SHR series differs in a variety of operating modes. In general, they do well both in buffer operation and in cyclic mode. It should be noted that the batteries are resistant to vibration and can be installed in any position. Only installation with terminals down is not recommended. In addition, they show good performance at sub-zero temperatures and also have low self-discharge.


Manufacturer B.B. Battery offers decent batteries like AGM. Used in various fields, both in the home and industrial sector, where you need backup power. It is worth noting the long service life of almost 5 years. As a result, the lead-acid battery of this brand will be an effective investment.

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Battery 12V 10 Ah B.B. Battery SHR 10-12

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