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Van Morrison ‎ – Blue Money/Sweet Thing (Warner Bros. Records ‎ – 7462, styrene, USA, 1971).
"Blue Money" - the song is written by the singer and the author of songs Van Morrison from Northern Ireland. Eto was the second of two hits Top 40 of its album of 1970 "His Band and the Street Choir" (the second - "Domino"). Reached the 23rd place in charts of the USA. Pesnya became the third the most sold Morrisons single of the 1970th, remaining in charts within three months.
Critic Morey Dean claims that the subject is taken from song No. 1 by Levti Frizzell of 1950 "If You Have Got the Money". In 1972 in an interview to the Rolling Stone magazine with John Grissimom-mladsh Morrison commented on popularity of "Blue Money" in Boston and New York: "Me "Blue Money" ask to play Zdes all the time. It is pleasant to all children, children from the street. Eto their favourite number". Plastinks
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Van Morrison ‎ – Blue Money

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