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  • Plastic grease for SHRUS NANOPROTEC UNIVERSAL-M 200ml  Free shipping

NANOPROTEK Universal-M is designed to restore wear and increase the service life of hinges of equal angular speeds and hub bearings, but can be used in other units that use plastic grease.

"Universal-M" is a universal lubricant made on the basis of mineral oils with a high viscosity index with the use of a lithium thickener having excellent anti-seize and anti-wear properties. So, the welding load is Pc = 2600 N, while for Litol 24 Pc = 1410 N. The penetration class is NLGI 2. The operating temperature is from -40 оС to +140 оС.

Contains ultrafine dispersed active mineral (a modern analogue of molybdenum disulphide), which creates conditions in which a metal protective layer of a special structure is formed on the friction surfaces of the lubricated assembly.

As a result of the use of Universal-M grease, wear of parts is restored during operation, which normalizes the work of the unit: hum, clicks, and vibration disappear. At the same time, part of the active mineral remains in the far zones of lubrication and, gradually entering the friction zone, maintains the state of the protective layer, which significantly reduces further wear and extends the service life of the hinge or bearing.

Packing: Composition is produced in tubes with a volume of 200 ml in a box.

Effects: Tribotechnical grease contains an active component, creating conditions in which a metal protective layer with a special structure is formed on the friction surfaces at the nodes. This layer partially restores the geometry of the worn parts, optimizes the gaps in the friction pairs, forms a microrelief that better retains the lubricant. This provides the following effects:

Increasing the resource - the protective layer significantly reduces the wear rate of the most loaded friction units, which most often determine the resource of the aggregate as a whole.

Protection under high loads - due to its structural features (microhardness and microelasticity), the protective layer significantly more effectively prevents the wear of friction parts under increased loads.

Reduction of vibration and noise - restoration of friction surfaces of balls and raceways, created a more dense layer of lubrication reduce vibration and noise during the operation of the unit.

Reduction of energy losses - restoration of wear and tear normalizes the operation of the unit, which leads to a reduction in power losses, reduces the intensity of heating.

Instructions for use: Before starting work, make sure that the unit being treated does not have any parts with critical wear and mechanical damage (cracks on the separator lintels, deep dents on the cage tracks, significant scoring, corrosion and work surface wear more than 0.1 mm).

There are two ways to apply tribotechnical grease:

A. If the design of the unit allows the replacement of the lubricant using a special syringe: "punch" the syringe until the triboechanical grease "Universal-M" appears from the leaks.

B. If special methods for replacing grease are not provided: - disassemble the unit; - remove the old grease; - Clean the assembly; - lay tribotechnical grease "Universal-M" - assemble the unit. C. In non-assembled friction nodes - not applicable.

Precautionary measures:

Do not pose a health hazard under normal conditions of use.

In case of skin contact, rinse exposed area with warm water and then with soap and water.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

If you get into the digestive system, consult a doctor.


Shelf life 5 years. Date of manufacture is indicated on the tube.

It is not recommended for mechanical failure of parts and components.

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Plastic grease for SHRUS NANOPROTEC UNIVERSAL-M 200ml Free shipping

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