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3 Experience - I Feel for You KBC 1004 Germany ex+ex ++ by single 12" 1988 45 rpm
style - HOUSE
Plastink was not listened, its state is defined visually. Of an envelope it is visible to Sostoyaniye on a photo and it is specified in the technical specification. I suggest to do questions and offers to Vse in a forum to a rate.
Lack of questions means that you agree with terms of sale and questions have no.
Otpravka is possible after full 100% of payment (on the map – the card number will come to you to mail after the end of the auction), sending. The cost of delivery is specified in the description of lot approximately and is paid by the buyer when receiving lot. I pack.
THANKS! I wish the successful auction and successful purchases!

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3 Experience - I Feel for You

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