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Description Lamart Pan from cast iron of 6.0 l (LT1062)

the Pan from cast iron (6 l.) Lamart LT1062 - is made of cast iron. Is suitable for all types of stoves. These the dishes are easily washed and look always as new.
of Lamart – global Italian manufacturer of remarkable decors and original ware. The factory creates more than 40 years fine collections in the picturesque town of Monkalyeri (Italy), now Lamart is the leading manufacturer of exclusive ware and elements of a decor from porcelain and ceramics. The products of Lamart found recognition and respect long ago in Europe and the USA where has the regular customers. Success of factory consists in a combination of ancient traditions to the innovative directions in production of refined ware and house accessories in category of elite. The factory is known for release of the limited series which are so loved by collectors. Among products of Lamart gifts and decors in different styles are provided: from ware in style of a country, sea and New Year's collections to distinguished classical services and figurines and also seasonal decors by easter holidays.

of Advantage

  • Pig-iron ware – the high-quality, reliable, solid and not changing material.
  • Internal and external layers are resistant
  • to formation of scratches and cracks.
  • Resistance to influence of high temperatures up to 280 °C.
  • Ware from high-quality cast iron combines lack of sticking about mechanical and chemical firmness.
  • Despite massiveness cast iron has the best heat conductivity and ability to heat storage.

of Characteristic:

  • Type: Pan
  • Form: oval
  • Volume: 6 l
  • pan Material: cast iron, enameled
  • cover Material: cast iron, enameled
  • Material of handles: cast iron, enameled
  • Suits
  • : for gas stoves, for electric stoves, for halogen/glass-ceramic plates, for induction plates, for ovens
  • Colour: cream

of Characteristic Lamart Pan from cast iron of 6.0 l (LT1062)

the Article: LT1062 of
  • of pan Material Cast iron
  • of of gas stoves, halogen/glass-ceramic plates, induction plates, electric stoves
  • of Form oval
  • of pan Material Cast iron
  • of Volume, l 6
  • of Colour cream
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Lamart pan from cast iron of 6.0 l (LT1062)

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