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The hook of Decoy M-005 is classics of feeding and float catching. The bend having the angular forms perfectly copes with breakthroughs of fish, even in spite of the fact that a wire of which hooks, very thin are made. The small sizes of hooks perfectly cope with high-speed catching of small fish on a float rod, and larger sizes will be as it is impossible by the way, when catching a bream on ground equipments. The high quality of production, small weight and the delicate sizes allow to use hooks of Decoy M-005 in fishing sport. Characteristics: Artikul: 4989540998632 Producer: DecoyModel: M-005vid equipments: KryuchokTip of a hook: OdinarnyyKol-vo in packing, piece: 18 Number of a hook, No.: 22 Country producer: Japan

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Hook of Decoy M-005 ZERO-PRO 22

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