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Hooks of Decoy, a trout series, are focused for catching of a trout in the sport mode. Their main feature - lack of small beards at the expense of what the trout does not sustain excess injuries. The range of trout hooks of Decoy contains several series differing from each other in a form. This model of a trout hook is calculated for catching of a large, but careful trout. Forma of a hook ozvolyat to realize even the most careful bite and the subsequent cutting of fish for a lip tip. The Spic series, as well as the Kunai series, is made of thinner wire that allocates a hook with a bigger prosekayemost. And forging of a wire in a combination with a form of a hook excludes its razgibaniyepr of a vyvazhivaniya of fish.

Reviews Hook of Decoy Area Hook VI Spic 10

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Hook of Decoy Area Hook VI Spic 10

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