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Decoy K-105 is hooks of the highest quality of the universal direction. The sting with chemical sharpening is bent inside thanks to what the good zasekayemost of fish is provided and the quantity of descents decreases. The hook is equipped with a shovel with the Side Lock End system having special notches on a handguard in that place where the knot has to be located. Thanks to it the fishing line drags on more densely and without excess bends that prevents its sliding and mastication in the place of fastening. The special covering of copper color allocates a hook at the bottom of a reservoir that in addition draws attention of fish. Decoy K-108 will be suitable for catching of the majority of species of peace fish by means of a float rod or a feeding fishing-rod. Characteristics: Hook type: OdinarnyyKol-vo in packing, piece: 12 Number of a hook, No.: 8

Reviews Hook of Decoy K-108 Katana 8 (15620348)

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Hook of Decoy K-108 Katana 8 (15620348)

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