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The hook of Decoy KR-22 is made of quite thick wire capable to sustain breakthroughs of large fish. The sting with chemical sharpening is turned in inside and capable to pierce with ease in fish lips, and the small beard already holds a trophy to the coast. Thanks to a round bend this series of hooks is ideal for catching on vegetable nozzles. There will be enough power of a hook for fishing in difficult conditions when it is necessary to force a vyvazhivaniye and also its application in cyprinid catching is possible. Characteristics: Model: KR-22vid of the equipment: KryuchokTip of a hook: OdinarnyyKol-vo in packing, piece: 12 Number of a hook, No.: 6 Country producer: Japan

Reviews Hook of Decoy KR-22 Black Nickeled 6

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Hook of Decoy KR-22 Black Nickeled 6

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