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  • 0.11 cord of Salmo Elite Braid 125m Green

New Japanese (made in Japan) a high-quality cord (wattled fishing line) with the round section of SALMO ELITE BRAID is made of strong high-modular polyethylene (PE). At production the technology which allowed to make a surface of a cord almost absolutely smooth for ensuring the maximum range of throwing of a bait is applied and also this technology is designed to provide much more bigger service life of a wicker due to application in it vysokomodulny polyethylene. Such high durability has one more advantage - it is possible to catch fish large (relatively) applying at the same time not the large diameter of a wattled fishing line that does a tackle of more delicate, gives the chance to lower a bait with small shipment on a bottom of a reservoir and to feel at the same time all contacts of a bottom, the slightest bites of fish because of excellent sensitivity. Moreover fibers have special processing and impregnation which do not allow "to become wet" to a wicker and allow to catch successfully fish at subzero temperatures without fear of a regional unification of a fishing cord. The Salmo producer recommends to apply the Polomar node at the equipment and assembling of baits. Winding on the reel has length 125 meters. Characteristics: Diameter: 0.11 mmnagruzk on a gap: 4.35 kgdlin: 125 mform of section: KrugloeTsvet: Green

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0.11 cord of Salmo Elite Braid 125m Green

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