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DAM presents the new version of a fishing line of Tectan — the strongest on a gap, with lack of memory and resistant to friction. In this fishing line the protection against UV-radiation and a hardly noticeable color which well proved in Tectan are also used. Thanks to a smooth surface of a monofishing line it is possible to tighten strongly knots, and the fishing line slides in water with the minimum resistance. Features: Ultra-violet protection poverkhnostivysoky durability on uzlymalozametny coloring in vodenizky pamyatyoptimalny stability to treniyuidealny rastyazhimostkharakteristik: Diameter: 0. 14 mmdlin: 25 mnagruzk on a gap: 2 kgtsvt: Lime transparent

Reviews Fishing line of DAM Tectan Superior of 0.14 mm (25 m)

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Fishing line of DAM Tectan Superior of 0.14 mm (25 m)

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