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  • Fishing line wattled Lucky John Basara Light Green 150/011 (LJ4100-011)

The quality wattled fishing line made of high-modular polyethylene (PE). Thanks to the round section and special impregnation of fibers of a grove perfectly slides on rings, allowing to throw baits on a long distance. The fishing line differs in the increased wear resistance that became possible thanks to special technology of dense weaving and multilayered impregnation of fibers. The high sensitivity of a fishing line is caused by the minimum coefficient of extensibility that allows to be in constant contact with a bait and to do not pass even hardly noticeable bite. One of the main characteristics of a wattled fishing line of LUCKY JOHN BASARA is the increased durability in comparison with other wattled groves. It allows to catch large fish with use of thinner diameters of a fishing line and also provides more distant throwings. The fishing line is made on the Japanese technology with use of the Japanese raw materials. Characteristics: Material: high-modular polyethylene (PE) Diameter: 0. 11 mmdlin: 150 mtest: 5. 75 kg

Reviews Fishing line wattled Lucky John Basara Light Green 150/011 (LJ4100-011)

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Fishing line wattled Lucky John Basara Light Green 150/011 (LJ4100-011)

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