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Description Gigaset C620 Black DECT Phone

Make simpler everyday life with useful functions

With the wireless telephone Gigaset C620 will become much simpler to do your household chores. Thanks to direct access to different and to functions, including Radionyanya (by means of the selected keys) this practical and convenient phone will be ideal for daily communication.

Function of call management

you can Avoid undesirable calls by means of functions of call management of the Gigaset C620 phone. One of such functions is a decrease or shutdown of volume of a call to a certain time frame, for example, when the child sleeps in the afternoon or all family has a rest at night. In preset time the incoming calls will be displayed on the screen, but the sound signal will be disconnected. Function of protection against anonymous calls will allow you to manage undesirable calls, disconnecting a sound or completely blocking numbers, having added them to the "black" list (to 15 numbers).

Radionyanya Function

you should not buy the separate device to be sure what with your children everything be all right. You will always be with them in touch! Just select the Radionyanya mode in the menu of phone, set sensitivity level to noise indoors and select where the call should be made: on other internal tube or on the mobile phone. When the child wakes up, the call on the set number will follow. Also you need an option of two-way communication of the Radionyanya mode: You will be able to talk to the child from the neighboring room or even because of borders of your house.

Communicate infinitely

Settle more conveniently in a chair and begin a conversation. With the Gigaset C620 phone you have no barriers to communication any more! You can communicate till 26 oclock without interruption. Besides, you should not charge often the Gigaset C620 phone — it works in standby mode till 530 oclock. And if it did not turn out to answer a call immediately, on phone the button of the passed call that you could call back to the subscriber will shine. Also you can program any key for the fast dialing saved in the address book. In it it is possible to create up to 250 records, each of which will consist their three phone numbers, the e-mail address and date of the Birthday.

Comfortable communication without restrictions

Convenient navigation, the big 1.8-inch color TFT display, a set of useful functions will make

use of the Gigaset C620 phone simple and pleasant. You will be able freely to move on the house, without stopping at the same time communication. Complete in addition your DECT phone with the Gigaset L410 headset, register it on the base station, attach to clothes and enjoy comfortable communication without restrictions.

Magnificent tonal quality

Even if the loved one is for thousands of kilometers from you, now you will hear its voice accurately, without noises and extraneous noise. The HSP™ technology implemented in Gigaset C620 provides faultless tonal quality, including in the mode of a public address system.


and you store messages

Now you do not miss any important call. Select the Gigaset C620A phone with the answering machine and write messages with a general duration up to 55 minutes. When there is a new message, on phone or the mainframe the LED indicator will light up. At each listening of the written messages information on time and date of receipt of a call is reproduced. Also you can use function of repeated playback of the last several seconds of the saved message.
will not be at home you? Do not worry! With function of remote control of the answering machine you can listen to the messages left to you wherever were.

I that is not all!

Place additional tubes of the Gigaset C620 phone (for example, Gigaset C620H) in different parts of your house and you should not run up to phone any more if it is in other room. On the Gigaset C620 mainframe it is possible to register up to six additional tubes.

Characteristic Gigaset C620 Black DECT Phone

Article: S30852H2403S151
  • Type radio telephone
  • Tubes in a set 1
  • Display (matrix type) Color
  • Operating time in an active mode 26 h
  • Operating time in standby mode 530 h
  • Search of a tube Is
  • Additional properties AON, Caller ID
  • Standard of communication DECT (digital)
  • Colour Black
  • Opportunity Key board locking, the Alarm clock, the Public address system, Follow-on call, display Illumination, Illumination of keys, Search of a tube
  • Model C620
  • In addition Caller ID, Blocking and an oanicheniye of enrollment, Deduction of a call
  • Quantity of the connected tubes 6
  • Supported bases (tube), in piece 6
  • Memory proceeding 20 numbers

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Gigaset C620 Black DECT phone

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