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Description Gigaset C530A Black DECT Phone

  • Up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers
  • Access to social networks, such as Facebook
  • Color TFT screen of 1.8 inches with 2 color schemes at choice
  • Personalisation of ringtones, screensavers and sound profiles
  • Simple and convenient interface; color icons and the text menu
  • Big telephone directory on 200 contacts with search function
  • Long time of a conversation and operation of phone in standby mode, 14/320 hours respectively.

Clever communications
Thanks to functionality of new VoIP-phone, you can make at the same time up to 3 calls with faultless HDSP™ tonal quality and also browse online information, for example, from social networks. Moreover, using online of the Contacts Push Application you will be able to load contacts from your smartphone into the address book of IP phone.

New ContactsPush application
simplest and convenient loading of telephone contacts
Fast and easy way of loading of contacts in your VoIP and stationary phone: online the ContactsPush application will allow to import directly contacts from your smartphone. Several clicks, and contacts of your smartphone easily are also simply copied in your DECT/IP phone. It is valid an innovation!

Expand with

your opportunities
Always you are in touch where you would not be
VoIP the functionality allows to make up to 3 parallel calls - therefore there is no need for separate lines of communication. According to the requirements you will be able easily to switch between Internet calls and calls by the normal, analog line. In addition you will be able to add up to 6 SIP accounts of different providers and also to make free calls on other Gigaset IP phones using community. Also you get access to online information from different media of resources.

Everything that you like
Simple personalisation - even more pleasure from phone calls!
Configure your Gigaset C530A IP as it is pleasant to you and derive pleasure from communication. It is so simple to personalize ringtones, screensavers and sound profiles on phone according to your preferences. The sheer pleasure to use phone with the color screen and also intuitive navigation by means of icons and the text menu.

it is a little more more

I …

Small additions with huge advantage

Use phone with the magnificent color TFT display of 1.8 inches even more pleasantly and conveniently. Select from 2 color schemes depending on your individual preferences. The telephone directory on 200 records will provide you easy access to contact information. Also VIP-contacts can assign special ringtones and reminders on Birthdays. Conversation/waiting time: 14/320 hours respectively.

tonal quality
Phone calls with magnificent tonal quality
you do not miss

HDSP™ a uniform word with crystal-clear HDSP™ tonal quality of VoIP of calls even in the mode of a public address system. Will seem to you that you talk face to face to your interlocutor: HDSP™ tonal quality is many times better in comparison with normal communication.

ECO DECT: care of the environment
Economy of electricity and the low level of radiation
C530A IP Phone is equipped with the energy saving power supply which promotes economy of electricity, and, therefore, and your money. As well as all wireless telephones Gigaset, this model is able to change the signal power of the transmitter depending on distance to the base station. Moreover, you can independently reduce this parameter by 80%, having selected ECO Mode operation mode. One more economic function is ECO Mode Plus with a zero radiation which is used during the operation of phone in standby mode.

Even more comfort in any place of your house
Add additional tubes with full functionality
you should not run up to phone any more if it is in other room. On the Gigaset C530A IP mainframe it is possible to register up to 6 additional tubes. Moreover, it is possible to carry out internal calls between handsets.

Characteristic Gigaset C530A Black DECT Phone

Article: S30852H2532S301
  • Type radio telephone
  • Tubes in a set 1
  • Display (matrix type) TFT
  • Operating time in an active mode 14 h
  • Search of a tube Is
  • Additional properties Access to social networks
  • Standard of communication DECT (digital) / GAP
  • Colour Black
  • Range on location, m 50/300
  • Opportunity entering / outgoing calls, Internet access, memory on 200 numbers, individual profiles
  • In addition an opportunity to create up to 6 registration records
  • Supported bases (tube), in piece 4
  • Ringtones, 30
  • Memory proceeding 20 numbers
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Gigaset C530A Black DECT phone

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