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Description Blender of Panasonic MX-S301KTQ

Powerful and lightweight blender opens freedom for culinary creativity

New submersible blender of Panasonic with innovative technology of crushing and a set of useful nozzles smoothie and cream soups of ideal consistence and also ingredients for different dishes helps to prepare the most delicate.

System of crushing with 4 edges

Two curved one-sided edges carefully mix

and cut ingredients on large pieces whereas two direct edges - pick up and finally crush them.

Original form - excellent result

submersible nozzle of the blender effectively collects


Thanks to the original form and mixes ingredients, without allowing them to scatter.

Useful nozzles

  • grinder Bowl: for cutting of vegetables and preparation of forcemeat.
  • Nimbus: for beating of cream and preparation of meringue.
  • Protective nozzle on an edge can be used by
  • at storage and as a support under the blender in the course of cooking.

Simple speed control

Different modes of speed for ideal result.

Thought-over system of protection: inclusion by two clicking, blocking from children

Allow to exclude accidental start in breaks between use and also when changing nozzles.

Double protection of the engine

Time cut-out stops operation of the blender at the overloads caused by attempt of crushing of improper ingredients. The temperature sensor prevents overheating of the device.

Easy leaving

For cleaning of a glass, a bowl, a nimbus and a nozzle of the blender from stainless steel can use the dishwasher. Purity and health under protection!

Characteristic Blender of Panasonic MX-S301KTQ

Article: MX-S301KTQ
  • device Type submersible blender
  • Model MX-S301KTQ
  • Maximum power, W 800
  • Number of speeds 2
  • Nozzle 2
  • Power (wireless) from network
  • device Type submersible blender
  • Model MX-S301KTQ
  • Maximum power, W 800
  • Number of speeds 2
  • Pass the grinder Is
  • Nozzle 2
  • Material of nozzles metal
  • case Material Plasticity
  • blender bowl Material plasticity
  • blender leg Material metal
  • Power (wireless) from network
  • Colour (main) Black
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Blender of Panasonic MX-S301KTQ

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